Casual and conservative doesn’t have to be synonym with unimaginative combos or worse, a style rut that is difficult to get out of. Applemints’ mission has always been busting this myth and the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection does exactly that. Taking inspiration from the perfection of nature, the brand restricts the color palette without limiting possibilities in the process.

Casual and cozy, feminine and easy to put together, the outfits have an interesting blend of modern, vintage and masculine vibes that seem to blend perfectly, without being overly dominant. Instead of relying on prints to add interest, logos and band tees tend to be the preferred choice. When used, floral prints are kept mostly inconspicuous to maintain a conservative vibe.

Loose T-shirts, comfy stylish blouses with subtle ruffle details, leggings, stockings, rolled up pants and straight cut jeans are a few of the fashion essentials for a marvelous yet seemingly effortless look. The mostly neutral palette and the multitude of mixing and matching abilities are certainly a plus of the collection being a great investment overall.

An exciting trend that has been fairly popular in 2010, the sandals and socks combo seems to have a particularly strong influence on the latest collection being pared both with casual and more feminine looks. The emphasis on comfort is not being neglected, given the fact that that Converse sneakers are another significant staple of the collection. With the help of stylish yet fairly comfortable wedges, the fashion-functionality equilibrium is well maintained.

Photo courtesy of Applemints