It still feels kind of weird to browse through jackets, coats, high boots and the like, however the first days of autumn are almost here and getting prepared fashion-wise is essential. Fortunately, we can rely on some of the most popular fashion brands to guide us throughout the way. Anthroplogie brings a fun melange of summmery touches and vibes and exquisite fall pieces in a myriad of combos that definitely help us get excited for the new season.

Though we always expect a hint of refinement and sophistication from Anthropologie, it’s really striking how put together the rainy season outfits are almost automatically. Intelligent layering and fun tonal contrasts are definitely two very important factors as far as the polished allure goes. The label is keen on preserving the touch of femininity and offers plenty of gorgeous dresses and other feminine pieces as alternatives. Though things feel a bit more toned down, they certainly don’t lose their appeal.

Cardigans are one of the first staples that really come in handy as the weather starts changing and the label brings plenty of interesting options in this department. The print choices are also interesting. Florals are translated into fall and are given a much more artistic feel. Stripes, checkered patterns and other details that evoke the back to school feeling are also well reflected into the new looks. Classiness with just a touch of modernism is a fun style direction to adopt in the upcoming months.

Revisiting classic concepts and making them work for us is perhaps the most important idea we can use from the newest Anthropologie catalog. With classy pieces, a little bit of accessorizing and a flash of creativity, getting ready to step in the new season is much easier, so invest in the right pieces from the beginning to be able to rock stylish ensembles all season long with relatively little effort.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie