Anthropologie has released its October 2012 catalog and like always, there are plenty of thought provoking alternatives to draw inspiration from. Cozy and put-together. Two notions that are normally seen as mutually exclusive. Not in the newest catalog from the label where things combine beautifully and effortlessly. Comfort and femininity with subtle retro vibes come off as the best alternatives for the month according to the brand.

Those keen on bringing florals into the chilly season are given plenty of ideas on how to do so, whether we are talking about the beloved prints or the romantic textural details. However, they are far from being the only details that attract attention in the newest lookbook. Geometric vibes and influences can also be sensed. Abstract motifs along with the beloved polka dots or the fun checkered patterns are other alternatives for those looking for a different style inspiration.

Regardless of the motif you choose for getting maximum visual impact, keeping things fitted and emphasizing the waist area are two surefire ways to create fun contrasts. Creative pairing of colors along with fun accessories are other major pluses. The fun chunky necklaces presented in the catalog can definitely be a game changer as one can easily see from the looks presented and the same goes for many of the earrings.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie