The holiday spirit is reflected more and more in the new releases by fashion retailers worldwide. Anthropologie has jumped on board and reminds us that the magical time of the year is approaching slowly but surely once again. The preparation, the new challenges and a variety of fun options to go with them all are all briefly reflected in the new November 2012 catalog. Cozy knits, fab sweaters, a variety of fab prints and incredible styling choices are just some of the elements that make us want to analyze it again and again.

Artsy vibes are always a sure way to raise the style potential of an outfit and the label shows off some extremely interesting variations worth trying if you’re interested in getting a similar look. Abstract touches are always a great idea if you want some interest without going for the obvious routes. The label is great at putting an eclectic spin on most pieces be it color or texture wise.

From gorgeous dresses to colorful tights, simple pieces paired creatively are the way to go. Combining different styles is a great option if you’re particularly confident about your mixing and matching skills especially since layering is not only advisable but also highly practical. Still, after the basics are covered, you should really focus on selecting the right accessories to complete your look and make you stand out every single time.

The palette of choices is far from being limited accessories wise. Winter hats, comfy yet stylish knee high boots, discreet jewelry, trendy collars or fab earrings are just some of the accents that managed to create a fabulous effect used in the right combo. Freshen up your new season looks with these fun ideas that combine classiness and comfort with interesting layering techniques and proper accessories.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie