The hottest styles of the season keep unraveling before our eyes tempting us to get an instant makeover and express hidden sides of our style personalities. The latest eye-candy comes from Anthropologie in the fabulous May 2012 catalog lensed by David Uchitel featuring model Naty Chabanenko. Femininity with an artistic vibe and a distinguishable careless, relaxed vibe captures our attention while the gorgeous lines, prints and accessories manage to maintain it.

With a multitude of feminine dresses, the brand actively encourage us to dare to express ourselves and step into the spotlight. There’s no reason to settle for plain options when we can take advantage of the colorful and uber creative touches that make the dresses stand out. From textural contrasts to proportions, each aspect is carefully planned out. Straying from the cookie-cutter design path, the brand focuses on helping the wearer become a memorable appearance. Nature proves once again an ideal source of inspiration for accomplishing this worthwhile style goal.

Grass clippings, flamingos, clouds or ethnic influences are just some of the amazing details that make the feminine options presented so lustworthy. Proving a much needed break from the body-hugging dresses obsession without abandoning the beautiful structures that tailoring offers, the label goes to show that looking fabulous doesn’t have to follow a strict set of rules. If you’re looking to become noticed, bold tones are the key factor and the catalog abounds in fabulous suggestions to experiment with.

But opting for beautiful dresses is only a part of creating covetable outfits that impress instantly. Selecting suitable accessories is almost equally important. The brand opts for gorgeous tribal jewelries which become strong focal points as they create a complex theme through layering. Going for discreet vibes in this case would really reduce the ‘wow’ factor that the brand has skillfully managed to inject into each and every single outfit and that makes fashionstas fall head over heels for the pieces.

Photo courtesy of Antroplogie