Anna Sui is demonstrating once again that there's no limit with talent as her amazing fashion collection took the stage at New York Fashion Week. The collection brought back vintage pieces that were reinvented to look modern, wearable and very feminine, so take a peek at the lovely 57 piece collection and prepare to be dazzled!

Anna Sui definitely surprised her fans with her latest fashion collection for spring 2012 unveiled at the New York Fashion Week, not because she opted for a vintage pin-up vibe but due to the amazing attention to detail that made the collection feel very fresh. Filled with romantic and girly pieces, the collection had a certain vintage Parisian allure, so if you love vintage influenced fashion pieces that are spiced up with modern details, this collection will surely enchant you.

The inspiration for this collection came from fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez who spent time in Paris during the Seventies. Anna Sui said she wanted to capture the “amazing energy” that voguish vintage clothes brought at that time.

Gorgeous details and most of all fabulous prints are Anna Sui's trademark and the intricate manner that they were adapted to suit the vintage designs is just stunning. A perfectly harmonious fashion collection that is set to underline femininity in a very classic and stylish manner dominate the runway, so if you wish to grab all attention with your timeless elegance and trendiness, turn towards Anna Sui's spring 2012 collection for help.

Fabulous bow blouses paired with flowing skirts, gorgeous jumpsuits worn with matching turbans, stylish high waist hot-pants and lovely shorts, vintage dresses and cool printed ankle socks demonstrated the power of vintage designs, so no wonder that each piece was a magnet for attention.
Prints are definitely hot this new season and since Anna Sui is a specialist in bold print designs, the collection wasn't short on them. Lovely stars, flowers, hearts, butterflies and other prints pushed the collection to perfection, as each piece radiated sophistication, but in a very wearable manner.

From stylish monochrome designs to pastel color mixes, the color palette looked diverse and very elegant, so take a peek at the collection and enjoy Anna Sui's talent and vision.

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Photos courtesy of WWD
Photography by Robert Mitra