Brazilian fashion label, Animale chose a unique scenery for its summer 2013 campaign starring none other than gorgeous supermodel Constance Jablonski, the African savanna which seemed to match perfectly with the style proposed by the fashion brand for the upcoming season. Photographed by Henri Gendre and styled by Luis Fiod, the French bombshell looked super hot donning Animale’s irresistible form-fitting silhouettes designed for the spring/summer 2013 season, so the brand couldn’t have picked a better model to replace the face for Animale, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, which is currently filming in South Africa.

Constance Jablonski is considered one of the most beautiful models today and her stunning golden blonde locks and lagoon blue eyes matched perfectly with the animal print theme of the designs, the savanna at midnight scenery chosen for the campaign and the sophisticated sensuality that the brand seems to effortlessly infuse in each of their creations.

Animale has focused on accentuating femininity while giving it an empowering feel through bold and sophisticated elements such as African zebra prints, leopard and crocodile prints and textures all displayed in earthy tones, olive and lead, so the spring/summer 2013 season is announcing itself a roaring one at Animale. Contrast seems to be the essence to a successful new season look as Animale proves through its incredible spring/summer 2013 campaign, as these elements can be detected throughout the collection whether the contrast is brought through color or through the textures used to put the outfits together.

From the contrasting color of Constance’s eyes and blonde tresses put against the black animal print garments to the fabulous mesh fabrics paired with sizzling and luxurious feel leather fashion pieces, the collection seems to focus on balancing sophistication with edginess and sensuality. The brand unveils an array of fabulous form fitting dresses featuring wild patterns that capture attention but which don’t look vulgar or over the top, stylish pants, flirty tops and sexy shorts balanced with casual-glam blazers, thus making sure the variety element has also been checked of the list as this is definitely an important aspect in fashion hence not every woman can rock the garments. Although dark, mysterious colors dominate the collection, a few stylish neutral monochrome garments have made it to the fashion scene at Animale as this is definitely a color that can make a statement of elegance and chicness, but Animale made sure to infuse a bit of hotness into the shade by playing with luxurious fabrics and patterns, making the monochrome neutral outfit a definite must have for every fashionista. Be sure to check out the complete collection at Animale and choose the fashionable pieces that will help revamp the look of your new season wardrobe!

Photos courtesy of Animale Brasil