Retro vibes with a hit of rock chicness defined the Alexis Mabille spring 2013 collection. Browse through some of the best highlights of the show and pick your favorite pieces.

Sometimes old concepts need just a little revamping in order to appear fresh, youthful and modern. This is the concept the Alexis Mabille label went for with its spring 2013 collection titled Macadam Summer. If the majority of labels went either with flirty and feminine looks or tackled the more precise, abstract and geometry focused approach, the French designer took both these approaches and implemented them into a series of simple yet clever options with some interesting vibes.

The fashion house put the often neglected checkered pattern back into the spotlight and reflected it in its classic combos as well as more intricate ones with a girly vibe. The label didn't look too far for inspiration as it found it in the Brigitte Bardot's famous Vichy print. Feminine vibes tend to be dominant, however, masculine touches are also well reflected and definitely manage to be uber covetable. Clear contrasts and well defined proportions definitely help make the new looks appealing to modern women despite their distinguishable retro vibe.

Despite the strong focus on checkered patterns, the label also reflected other fun trends like textural flowers and even injects a little rock chicness into many outfits. A few quirky touches can definitely go a long way when it comes to enhancing the appeal of an outfit and the label shows plenty of examples on how to do just that. Though many outfits are black and white combos, interest is definitely ensured through a variety of ways.

Accessorizing is a fairly important part of the looks as it brings new points of interest which certainly help make things more interesting while also ensuring the right emphasis is placed on each piece of the outfit. Big earrings, layered bracelets or edgy boots are among the choices offered for perking up a look inspired by the label. Still, when opting for more elegant ensembles, keeping things as simple as possible is the recommended approach.

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