A solemn attitude seems appropriate when taking a closer look at the fall 2012 couture collection presented by Alexis Mabille. The variety of interesting looks, the choice of going for ultra sophisticated options blended with the desire to shock with an edgy touch, made the show a truly interesting set of options that are definitely open to interpretation. The eclectic set of options comes from an interesting creative view. “Imagining women as jewels” was the starting point of the fabulous set of alternatives presented.

Masculine vibes blend with strong displays of femininity for a fashion lover’s delight. Body fitting styles without overemphasized details to highlight the waist area, a variety of fun fabric choices, simple yet effective layering techniques along with occasional unexpected proportions were the main alternatives endorsed by the label. Placing elegance and refinement on top of the priorities list, the label surely provides lots of thought provoking alternatives.

The seduction power of the evening gowns does not rely on their revealing abilities, even though the designer does not necessarily shy away from flashing some skin when appropriate. The textural touches are the ones that ultimately steal the spotlight and heighten the complexity of the designs. From gorgeous lace inserts, dramatic capes to show stopping sequins or oversized bows, the focal points are fairly varied and well tailored to turn heads without much effort.

One of the most noticeable highlights of the show were definitely the high crescent moon hairdos with diamanté brooches which definitely were the most edgy touches of the newest collection of the label. With all the visual interest created by sequins, oversized ruffles or the jewel-inspired color palette, the need for dramatic accessories is understandably low. Whether you’re into dramatic and memorable designs or classy and elegant, the line can definitely meet such style needs with relative ease.

Photos via style.com