Couture-like elegance with a pronounced dramatic yet romantic touch, architectural designs that never fail to attract attention and mesmerizing hues are just some of the leading attributes of the latest Alexander McQueen collection that has attracted a multitude of raving reviews from fashion critics once again. Pick the best designs from the collection with a simple glance at the styles presented.

Romance and cutting-edge sophistication as a string point for creating breath-taking attire is the concept that guided designer Sarah Burton in creating the latest Alexander McQueencollection. The latest collection reminded fashion critics of the well known creative spirit that has defined the brand over the years carrying an almost surreal allure. As far as the source of inspiration is concerned, the designer declared: “It’s all about femininity and womanhood. It’s about embellishment and celebrating women’s beauty.”

Carefully structured down to the smallest details, alluring embellishments and focusing on a very particular type of silhouette, the pieces presented were mesmerizing and surprising and a fetishistic touch could be sensed, despite the designer's clear statement against including this concept in the collection. An inspiration from the sea can be clearly depicted in some of the designs presented. The complex creations brought together seemingly opposing vibes like modernism and classicism.

Soft ruffles, lacy details and chiffon, fabulous delicate tones like coral and apricot, ivory, strong royal tones such as gold, silver or black leather inserts have made the dresses unforgettable, while textural details have taken the dresses to the state of true masterpieces. A true refection of refinement, the latest collection will surely become one of the most memorable ones from the brand.

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