After leaving the audience breathless at the Paris Spring 2012 Fashion Week, the high end label Alexander McQueen manages to impress once again, this time with a lookbook constructed using many of the same principles yet focusing on wearability rather than on the desire to stand out with the help of over-the-top creations.

Gorgeous gowns invariably steal the spotlight as they represent the epitome of elegance and extravagance being almost always the most remarkable creations in a particular collection. In the latest lookbook this principle definitely holds true and classiness, refinement and seductiveness are the main focuses in this category.

Like the main collection presented during the Fashion Week, embellishment and femininity are the main concerns of the collection, yet the soft fetishistic touches are much less highlighted yet not less mesmerizing and equally alluring. The fitted gowns that highlight womanly shapes in a crystal clear manner are the style of choice of the designer for the new season.

The color palette is focusing mostly on black and white combos and occasional grays as well as a few variations of coral, light purple and extremely subtle pale pink tones that exude innocence. Dark tones serve as a touch of drama and seriousness while ruffle details are a purposeful contrast.

Suits with a strong statement value and short dresses are a more accessible and versatile part of the collection that still maintains the same feeling of refinement and edginess that makes them a total style statement. In contrast, accessories tend to complete the outfits without being overpowering. Noticeable, elegant yet not conspicuous to steal the spotlight, the accessories are the perfect finishing touches.

Photo courtesy Alexander McQueen