Classiness, a sophisticated touch yet a rebellious vibe seem to be the main focus of retailers for the spring 2012 season and the different approaches brought to our attention are more than delightful. The Alex & Eli focuses on refinement with a spin for their spring 2012 collection and the results are definitely alluring.

The spring 2012 collection does a great job at demonstrating the fact that elegance is by no means a one-size-fits-all kind of concept and that attitude is often one of the most important accessories you wear. It’s almost impossible not to sense the undeniable bad girl allure that is expressed throughout the entire lookbook.

The combination between sweet and spicy is wonderfully reflected by the unexpected combos that blend together a series of functional, versatile pieces for a classy yet surprisingly edgy type of glamor. Daring necklines, shorts and fitted skirts, occasional masculine touches are carefully introduced in seemingly conventional types of outfits.

Next season basics? Flowy fabrics, long, loose fitting blazers, body hugging dresses, masculine shirts in mostly neutral tones for maximum flexibility are just a few that come to mind. It’s not necessary to invest in overly ostentatious accessories if you have the right type of attitude to sport outfits such as the ones included in this lookbook. Classy simple necklaces, bangles, thin belts or classy, moderately comfy yet not necessarily ultra glamorous shoes might just do the trick.