Effortlessly chic vibes are constantly coming up on the runways in new and exciting forms. Blending the old with the new, the recent fashion trends with tried and tested style rules for easy to replicate attire options, the AG Jeans brand manages to keep our love for denim pieces going strong and steady. Versatile yet always exciting, the fabric offers tremendous style possibilities to those who search for comfort and functionality.

If you loved the boyfriend jeans trend, you’ll definitely be delighted to see that the brand has included the style extensively in the spring/summer collection. Along with the ultra popular acid washed jeans, the latest lookbook highlights a myriad of fabulous interpretations to try. Shorts, flared pants, rolled up jeans or colored denim are some of the most interesting pieces the brand focuses on in order to recreate the absolutely perfect summer outfit.

While turning to techniques like layering is not imperative if you’re trying to create a fabulous casual look, paying attention to accessories is highly recommended to be able to avoid blending with the landscape and to turn heads without much effort. A romantic hat, sunglasses, sexy platforms, spacious handbags, wedges, summer boots or flats are some of the best alternatives to try if you’re trying to emulate some of the styles presented in the latest lookbook.

Reinventing your look doesn’t have to become a daunting task if you are ready to explore new options that don’t fall too much outside of your style comfort zone. Simplicity can work surprisingly well if you know how to place the right accents at the right time and the AG brand is definitely a fabulous example of how a modern touch can make the simple combos look absolutely brilliant and completely covetable. Try your hand at making denim seem new all over again and enjoy the fabulous trendy allure you will instantly gain.

Photo courtesy of AG Jeans