Some of the most important labels in the fashion industry are ready to wow us with their latest creations, however getting an exclusive peek of the hottest collections even before they are officially presented is every true fashionista’s dream. ACNE is one of the brands that has offered customers the chance of a quick preview and the looks are a clear indication of the fact that missing the show would be a real shame.

For the upcoming season, ACNE takes a break from the ultra feminine vibe that seems to have flooded both New York Fashion Week and the first days of the London Fashion Week. Fulfilling a much needed desire for diversity, the brand opts for simple yet striking color combos with a subtle masculine vibe. According to the brand, there’s no need to suppress our desire for combining strong colors in a single fabulous outfit that serves as a complete fashion statement.

Tried and tested rules for creating proportions are sometimes left aside in order to create a fabulous look with a slightly edgier vibe. Unexpected lengths, loose pants, cropped tops, cutouts instead of busy prints are some of the style tendencies that set apart the brand and make the collection memorable. If you loved the star print trend that has timidly emerged this fall, you’ll be excited to see that the trend lives on both in the ‘traditional’ sense and as a textural perk.

The masculine vibe attached to the collection can also be sensed when analyzing footwear choices a little closer. Comfort is undoubtedly the main concern, so loafers and flat sandals are a natural consequence. Beauty-wise, we cannot help but see that the ombre hair trend is still a fashionable option, although the reversed idea might also gain popularity.

Photos courtesy of ACNE Studios