Fabulous attire options make us count the days till the rise in temperature finally becomes a reality. With a multitude of flirty and alluring geometric inspired outfits, Derek Lam’s diffusion line definitely encourages such attitude and brings a touch of classiness to the diverse spring scene. There are a multitude of mesmerizing loose fitting options for those who wish to indulge in more forgiving types of clothes.

Moving away from the usual print styles that have flooded the main runways, the brand reminds fashionistas of the amazing power of the geometrical motifs and lines to shape to be the defining element that makes you stand out almost effortlessly. Classiness is the best attribute of the collection and the easiness with which the outfits can be created is truly inspiring for those who like to play with color yet prefer not to embrace the bold colors trend and stay on the safe side.

Settling for anything less than feminine attire options is not a viable alternative in the new season which is why we find a myriad of dresses and skirts for different occasions. While it can be tempting to go to the same two color combos for your business attire choices, the brand goes to show that incorporating prints in these types of attires can instantly upgrade your look if done properly. Stripes are one of the most prevalent choices for the season and looking at the outfit choices for the season it’s fairly easy to understand why.

One of the most unexpected comebacks from the collection is definitely the printed pants trend that was many times regarded as a fairly risky fashion choice, yet the brand manages to tackle the challenge with a series of eye-catching combos print lovers can absolutely fall in love with. With so much visual interest created by the geometric influences, accessories are hardly necessary in order to define your look. Going for classy, inconspicuous accessories proves to be the best alternative if you’re going for similar looks.

Photo courtesy of 10 Crosby