Whitney Port gets coveteured! The 27-year-old fashion designer shows us around her impressive wardrobe and chats with The Coveteur about her designing inspiration, organizing her closet, cooking and her upcoming jewelry collection called Bits & Bobs.

Whitney Port became famous as one of the main cast members in The Hills and the main star in The City. Now, she is a renowned fashion designer and shows off her impressive wardrobe for The Coveteur. "I think my closet is a reflection of the Whitney Eve girl: very colourful, print-heavy, eclectic, and most of all, comfortable," the 27-year-old designer told The Coveteur. Port also gave an exclusive preview of her upcoming jewellery collection called Bits & Bobs. "My dream is to dress a girl from head to toe, so accessories are my next step," the lovely designer confesses.

Still, before becoming a designer, Port worked at Teen Vogue and was an intern for the Women's Wear Daily and W magazine. She has a few words of wisdom for aspiring interns. "I absolutely loved all the experience I gained working in the different facets of the fashion industry, from being an intern at Teen Vogue to a P.R. girl at People’s Revolution, to working at a major fashion house. The best advice I can give to anyone trying to work in the fashion industry is to gain work experience as soon as possible and try to secure internships, even as early as summer in high school," she says.

Speaking with The Coveteur, Port reveals some useful tips on organizing her wardrobe. "I divvy up my clothes into categories: pants, skirts, casual dresses, fancy dresses, tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets. Within those, I organize them by colour. It’s the easiest way for me to find something. I love the Huggable Hangers from The Container Store; they are so sleek and velvety so nothing ever falls off," the young designer explains.

Port debuted her clothing line of cocktail and partywear, Whitney Eve, in March 2008. On what inspires her, Whitney admits that, "When I design I am constantly thinking about what I am missing in my closet. When I get ready in the morning, I take mental notes of items I feel I need to complete my look. I think my closet is a reflection of the Whitney Eve girl: very colourful, print-heavy, eclectic, and most of all, comfortable."

On her amazing range of shoes, Port confesses that, "My shoe collection didn’t always look like this. My grandmother, an avid antique collector, started a miniature glass shoe collection for me. To this day, those glass shoes still sit on the shelves in my childhood bedroom. That may have been the spark for my love of shoes. I hold on to my shoes for as long as I can because I feel like even though I may not wear them in the near future, hopefully my daughter will!"

She told The Coveteur that she loves Dr. Martens. "I have always had a huge affinity towards Dr. Martens. They are just a funky and classic way to tie up an outfit. My pillows are all from H.D. Buttercup, one of my favourite interior design stores in L.A.," the designer says.

Well, what we mostly love about Port is her ability to pull off high/low combinations. "I am all for high/low mixing. It is impossible to shop high fashion all the time and it is equally important to know that the high street brands carry just as fashionable merchandise as some of the luxury designers. I love Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters. I also love diffusion lines because you can purchase something from a designer that you normally couldn’t afford or justify spending the money on," Whitney says.

She reveals that, "Shoes and bags are always the best things to buy at Zara; I have started quite the collection. Over the years I have built up this shoe collection. Some of my favourite stores to shoe shop at are Elyse Walker, Topshop, Zara and Barneys."

Besides her clothing line, Port is ready to make one step forward into the accessory world. "My dream is to dress a girl from head to toe, so accessories are my next step. My favourite piece from the Bits & Bobs collection is the wallet chain. For fall, you will see vibrant prints, mohair sweaters, beaded cocktail dresses, and seamless layering pieces. The bag is vintage. I wore it once in Napa Valley with a pair of polka-dot trousers," the blonde beauty says.

When it comes to cooking, Port admits that she is the best sous chef. "I love kitchens that open to a sitting room, so even if you aren’t the one doing the cooking — that’s usually me — you can still feel like you are a part of the meal! I don’t cook a lot, per se, but I am a great sous chef to my boyfriend and sister. They are usually the creatives behind the meals that get cooked in here, and I just follow orders and do the chopping. I am great at cheese plates, and usually keep my pantry stocked with every cracker imaginable," Whitney told The Coveteur.

Photos courtesy of The Coveteur