Lower Thigh Zone or LTZ is in fact the term used for the portion of leg that ranges from the knee upwards for 3-4 inches. Why is it important to know what’s your LTZ? Because you can easily determine how short a dress or shorts must be to flatter your figure to the max.

Runways challenge this rule of exposing the critical spots with extra mini skirts and dresses. Flashing your thighs can be both brave and embarrassing. That’s why it is essential to know particularly what is your LTZ and know when a skirt is too short.

Be classy and age appropriate when choosing your outfit. The shorter the better trick won’t work this time!

The ageless rule is: avoid cutting the hems through the fattest section of your leg.

It means that those stunning mid-calf, mid-knee and mid-thigh pieces seem to stand against the ideal proportions. Age, shape and the beauty of the legs play an essential role in defining our LTZ.

There are several celebrities who commit faux pas only to deny their age. It can be very tricky to take the risk to engrave your fashion disaster-look into the conscious of fashion forward and extremely critical fans.

That’s why the pros offered the following guidelines when it comes of age and the shortness of the dress:

Ladies in their 20s should avoid skirts that reveal their underwear – that’s just way too short. How embarrassing can be especially if you’re a self-defined underwear saboteur as Paris Hilton or in kinky cases Britney Spears. You might think about the irreversible consequences of such a fashion disaster.

Women in their 30s, or girls who adopt a classy style should be aware of the fact that the hem should not reach strictly until their fingertips when their arms are let loose. Stay straight if your dress is above the lower limit, you might swap it with a longer one if you feel uncomfortable.

Ladies over 40 – or younger girls who are not pleased with their curves – should put on the skirt and slightly bend forward – if it reveals their flaws as cellulite, the skirt is too short. They should immediately hide the skirt way deep into the bottom of their wardrobe.

We must admit, dresses that look gorgeous on the catwalk, might not work the same way for us. However if your legs and thighs are ultra-toned and you’re tuned for fun, you might put on some fab outfits. All in the limit of good sense.

It is also useful for those who are super-shy, still want to wear skirts and short pants, to kneel down and see whether their dress or short touches the ground.

That’s the perfect length for them, make these tests whenever you’re not sure of your LTZ for keeping the reputation of your stylish image.