It’s amazing how some celebs managed to transform over time! While some went from hot to not as time passed, other celebs turned from ugly ducklings into gracious swans, so check out these stunning celebrity transformations and see your fave celebrities then and now.

One’s style progresses from year to year and although the same can be said for every person, celebs usually grow up in the spotlight and their style transformation is even more visible. The following celebrities then and now pictures will definitely surprise you, so check them out and see which celebs bloomed and which ones ‘wilted’ as they aged.

Megan Fox Then & Now

‘Transformers’ actress Megan Fox managed to mesmerize the public from the minute the movie hit theaters. 

Megan’s natural beauty and talent helped skyrocket her career and there was a certain ‘girl next door’ allure that drew everyone’s attention. A pretty girl with a slender physique, sleek straight hair, piercing blue eyes and a rounder face characterized Megan Fox’s appearance back in 2007, but once you check her out now, the idea of plastic surgery might cross your mind. The actress still looks incredibly hot but it seems that her face has narrowed and her lips appear to be a different shape too.

Megan Fox ThenMegan Fox YoungMegan Fox 2014Megan Fox 2013

Miley Cyrus Then & Now

A star was born the minute Miley Cyrus auditioned for Disney’s role of Hanna Montana. A sweet girl with curly hair and a county-influenced fashion style won the hearts of kids and parents worldwide, but as she grew up Miley ditched her long curly tresses, dyed her hair blonde, stuck her tongue out super often, and went fiercer and fiercer with her wardrobe.

Miley Cyrus YoungMiley Cyrus Young Curly HairMiley Cyrus 2014Miley Cyrus 2014 Short Hair

Kelly Osbourne Then & Now

We would have never said that Kelly Osbourne’s style would evolve for the better as she seemed set on making fashion mistake after fashion mistake. Her style appeared to be focused on drawing attention at any cost and her makeup…well, don’t get us started: smudged-looking makeup was and will never be hot, let’s just leave it at that. However, to our delight Kelly managed to pull of a shocking celebrity transformation and her style nowadays is impeccable. The Fashion Police host sparked trends with her purple hair and her new vintage fashion style, so thumbs up for Kelly!

Kelly Osbourne Red HairKelly Osbourne Messy LookKelly Osbourne 2014 StyleKelly Osbourne 2014

Kristen Stewart Then & Now

Although she began her acting career while she was still a child, Kristen’s career bloomed once she landed the role of Bella in the “Twilight” saga. While a young makeup free Kristen looked a bit more likable, her fashion choices then were not as interesting. Nowadays, Kristen, who usually uses makeup just to accentuate her eyes, opts for designer clothes that mix femininity with masculinity. She’s a tomboy at heart and her fashion style often reflects her personality, but the transformation is definitely a positive one.

Kristen Stewart YouthfulKristen Stewart YoungKristen Stewart StyleKristen Stewart 2014

Emma Watson Then & Now

We love Emma Watson to bits and a peek at her debut in the entertainment industry will tell you why. Her genuine smile and warmth made her look amazing although her fashion choices then were questionable and given her debut age it’s unders tandable. However, with time Emma chopped her hair off and grew an amazing fashion sense that turned her into a genuine style icon.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson YoungEmma Watson 2014Emma Watson 2014 Style

Pamela Anderson Then & Now

Back in the 90s this woman was the next generation Marilyn Monroe. Her sex appeal made her irresistible to most men as her generous breasts, blonde hair, doll-like facial features and sexy style was difficult to overlook. However, as she aged Pamela’s style became a bit tacky, her hair and fashion choices don’t always score high notes from critiques although she maintains in great shape for her age.

Pamela Anderson YouthfulPamela Anderson Sexy DressPamela Anderson 2014Pamela Anderson Messy Hair

Taylor Momsen Then & Now

Actress/singer Taylor Momsen might adopt a gothic style now, but not that long ago she was all about girly-girl outfits. Taylor looked amazing back in the day wearing her hair straight, loose or braided, with minimal makeup and in pretty dresses or skinny jeans.

Taylor Momsen YoungTaylor Momsen YouthfulTaylor Momsen StyleTaylor Momsen 2014

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Photos: Getty Images, PR Photos