Whether they are denim shorts or any other type of fabric shorts, short pants are going to be seen everywhere this summer. If you have nice legs shorts will enhance them and make you look gorgeous, sexy and stylish.

Shorts are present on the runway as well as on Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood celebrities love wearing summer shorts, especially cut off denim shorts. There are a variety of styles to choose from depending on what you like and what suits you best. From very short shorts to regular length shorts, from high waist shorts to low rise shorts they all look fabulous.

The vintage look is back so if you have a nice slim body you can opt for a pair of pin-up girl shorts. They look amazing and give a retro glamorous, feminine look. Shorts can be worn casually or for more formal occasions depending on the fabric and design. For a more classical look wear shorts that are not made from denim with an elegant blouse and a pair of high heel sandals.

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This look is absolutely fabulous, it is feminine, sexy and stylish at the same time. You can choose different colors depending on what you like, you can go for more neutral colors like beige or sand if you are more conservative or you can choose lilac or pink if you like vivid colors. No matter what color you choose you will look lovely wearing summer shorts.

For a more casual wear you can try denim shorts since they are very comfortable and in style. They can be worn with a pair of high heels and a sexy blouse, or with a T-shirt or a top and a pair of gladiator sandals, flip-flops or boots. They give a great and sexy summer look so make sure you have at least a pair of shorts in your wardrobe this season.

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