Victoria Beckham, the English pop singer began her career as a member of the pop British band “Spice Girls”. She married internationally known soccer player David Beckham and since then she began receiving more and more attention from the media, due to her impeccable fashion style and hairstyles.

Victoria Beckham also known as Posh Spice or Posh is considered to be a fashion icon, because of her good taste when it comes to clothing and not only. Posh decided to leave her print in the fashion world so she started designing a jeans line for Rock and Republic and later started designing her own brand wearing the name dVb.

Victoria Beckham has a unique and very stylish look. She is very versatile when it comes to her appearance and she adopts different styles. She is mostly seen wearing very feminine outfits, outfits which enhance and bring out the best of her slim figure. Victoria Beckham has an amazing body, slim and well proportioned. She has beautiful sculpted legs which she always enhances by wearing short dresses. She looks absolutely amazing because she chooses only outfits that flatter her body.

Victoria Becham Style Victoria Beckham

The dresses Posh can usually be seen in are either very feminine and sexy or very classic. She wears her dresses with gorgeous designer high heels which also contribute to her adorable looks. High heels give a good posture for the legs, enhancing the muscles. They also offer length, thus making one appear slimmer.

Posh always knows how to attract attention. She doesn’t use a lot of accessories, she likes to attract attention through her clothes as one whole. She can be seen wearing casual outfits like jeans and shorts which she accessorizes with high heels, boots, flattering tops and jackets. She is a woman so she loves her high heels.

Her hairstyles are constantly changing, Posh being a trend setter when it comes to hairstyles as well. She is not scared of making drastic changes going from long to short, blonde to dark and vice versa. Currently she opted for a pixie haircut, which became a huge trend, being called the POP, short from posh pixie. She looks great with all her hairstyles, whether it long, medium or short. She expresses and exudes femininity and sensuality even when she is wearing spiky hair. She knows how to balance her look so she is neither common or extravagant.

She is a classy, elegant celebrity who deserves to be a fashion icon and an inspiration for us all. She certainly knows how to dress occasion appropriate, and she does it with great style.