Fame comes hand in hand with spotlight. Indeed, the young actress and worshiped teen idol Vanessa Hudgens was granted with the attention of style pros and media due to her sophisticated talent to opt for clothes that bring out the best of her spotless silhouette and other assets. Paving her way to become a real star both in Hollywood and in the music business is perfectly completed with her ambitions to reflect a signature style.

Indeed, we won’t find out whether it is a guided process or comes ‘au naturelle’, still it is more interesting to take a closer look at the chief principles that characterize her unique dressing style. Besides her fondness for music, she also reveals some of the most precious tips she has when organizing her outfits both for the red carpet and in casual occasions. Let’s see some of the most important Vanessa Hudgens style tips.

Steal the show by playing up your best assets. This is one of her basic principles when it comes to organizing an outfit. This fact is clearly illustrated by her looks, since she is really pleased with her legs and shoulders, spots that are pretty much exposed both on the red carpet and when dressed in a relaxed casual outfit. Consequently, find the best part in your body, be it: toned arms, a nice cleavage, beautiful legs or a slim waist and play with the proportions. Try to shift the attention with stylish tricks to these parts in order to sport an overwhelming look.

Keep it simple when off the red carpet. Indeed, Vanessa is a real Boho chic fan, she loves breezy dresses and skinny jeans paired with stylish boots. There’s nothing more pro about her style than the muted accessorizing. Bags and belts and a few bangles make up all her repertoire of complementary pieces. She also manages to add a colorful twist to her classy plain outfit with either a vivid colored scarf or a stylish bag. However, it seems that blazers and Hippie style tops also find their room in the starlet’s wardrobe.

Beyond question, what characterizes her casual style is effortless finesse. Jeans belong to her favorite pieces naming as her favorite brand the J Brand. Sporting them in every shape and style and also color reflects her tribute to this universal piece of clothing. Her casual outfits are perfectly built around wide-legged or skinny jeans that perfectly blend into her Bohemian look. Pairing it with tighter or on the contrary breezy tops will create the desired dressed down sporty look.

The dazzling ceremonies give her the chance to shine. Indeed, not as an eye-popping and blinding star, instead with the chic noblesse she chooses her dresses with. Vanessa revealed that she has always two versions for these great events. Two dresses and finally one comes out as the winner and is flashed on the red carpet.

Giving evidence of a refined and highbrow taste, the ‘High School Musical’ star pairs her either traditional LBD or floor-sweeping evening gowns with ‘must have’ heels. Still she doesn’t disappoint the fans and opts for looks that bare the signs of her Boho and more dressed down style at least in the case of accessories.

High heels are ‘front row’ accessories of Vanessa’s wardrobe. This is the ultimate means that tops her looks by further accentuating her slender legs and worth-admiring silhouette. Plain black peep-toes or zebra patterned and colorful shoes are just as popularized by the young actress. Those who long for copycatting her style might consider completing their footwear repertoire with the fabulous pieces from the latest shoe trends.