Olivia Pope was already turning into a style icon on the first season of “Scandal” and The Limited jumped on the change to design collections based on Kerry Washington’s character. The Spring 2015 collection inspired by “Scandal” looks great, and it highlights the need for more TV shows to make connections to the fashion world.

Check out a few TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines, based either on a single iconic character or the wardrobe of multiple ones.

Game of Thrones

Emmy winner Michele Clapton has taken the concept of medieval fashion to a whole new level with her wardrobe choices on “Game of Thrones”Cersei, Daenerys and Margaery are easily some of the best dressed characters on TV. 

Game Of Thrones Fashion Line

While a literal translation of the show’s style to the runways wouldn’t work, the jewelry of the show would definitely be a hit with fashionistas without much tweaking.


Empire Tv Show Fashion Line

One of the TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines straight out of the gate, “Empire” has already inspired millions with the bold and luxe style of Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson. A fashion collection based on the hip-hop drama would look fierce, and the bling chosen by costume designer Rita McGhee is just as gorgeous as the loud, yet stylish looks.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Fashion Line

After Ralph Lauren proved the potential of a fashion collection inspired by the period drama with his Fall 2012 Collection, we definitely want to see more. The evolving fashion in “Downton Abbey” certainly has plenty more to offer, and there are many ways to adapt the period style to a modem sensibility that appeals to many.

New Girl

New Girl Tv Show Fashion Line

While you can’t really replicate Zooey Deschanel’s style without a lot of vintage pieces, “New Girl” is definitely one of the TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines. Deschanel collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger in 2014, but her choices tend to be more sophisticated and don’t really capture Jess’ love of quirky fashion.

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project Fashion Line

Mindy Kaling has plenty to offer when it comes to fashion, but her character makes even bolder choices on the Fox sitcom. A fashion collection inspired by Mindy Lahiri’s personal style would include plenty of trendy pieces, with a lot of statement touches in bold colors. If you love bold prints and bright colors, you’d definitely love a fashion collection inspired by the OB/GYN’s wardrobe.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Line

While some TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines have a breakout fashion icon, Pretty Little Liars has three. Aria, played by Lucy Hale, has the bolder style, that could definitely transition perfectly to a trendy collection, but Hanna and Spencer also deserve plenty of attention for their wardrobes, that many fashionistas would love to access in a single collection.

Mad Men

Mad Men Fashion Line

From Joan’s perfectly tailored bodycon dresses to Megan’s gorgeous hippie style, “Mad Men” is definitely a great source of inspiration for modern fashion. Costume designer Janie Bryan collaborated with Banana Republic on a collection in 2013, but as the show’s timeline progresses, there are definitely more gorgeous vintage trends to explore.

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Girls Tv Show Fashion Line

After a Deborah Lippmann limited edition nail polishes inspired by the HBO hit comedy series, “Girls” should definitely move into fashion. It’s one of the TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines, and while Lena Dunham remains a controversial fashion icon, there are plenty of cool looks to explore when it comes to the Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna’s styles.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife Fashion Line

With plenty of inspiring wardrobe choices, from Julianna Margulies rocking Alicia Florick’s power suits to Christine Baranski showing off Diane Lockhart’s necklaces, “The Good Wife” is fashion for professional and sophisticated women at its best. Archie Panjabi’s wardrobe as Kalinda also bring in a younger take on incorporating statement leather pieces in an office look.


Revenge Tv Show Fashion Line

Even though it’s been slipping in the ratings, “Revenge” is definitely one of the TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines. Emily Thorne’s dresses are a glamorous take on sexy, while Victoria Grayson’s bodycon dresses are equally stylish.