This moment very much expected is finally here, as the Kate Moss Topshop High Summer 2009 Collection is already in stores. This all-around-the-world famous model has turned fashion industry into a curious playground, as she mixes modeling with personal style in a very unique way.

Kate Moss is celebrating her 10th collection of clothing, and she does it well. It’s the ultimate summer collection, created by a woman with a very eclectic and individual style.

And when a giant in youth clothes teams up with a fashion icon and a massive source of inspiration for an entire planet, can only mean success.

Kate Moss for Topshop Summer 2009

The Kate Moss Topshop High Summer 2009 line is a special collection, inspired by the model’s holiday travels all around the world.

It emphasizes a more exotic Moroccan style, but it’s still Native American Indian inspired. How do we translate this? Chiffon and statement graphic prints, all inspired by Kate Moss’s own wardrobe, jersey tunics, fringed waistcoats, rich textures, bold floral prints, and colors like vivid red, intense electric blue, bronze or gold (applied mostly in jewelry).

This incredibly eclectic collection is based around three main prints; Blue Leopard, Coral Zebra and Swirl. It all sounds exotic, powerful, rock and bold. In fact, her 10th collection for Topshop sounds just like her.

Kate Moss Topshop High Summer 2009

The famous model, now celebrating her 10th success in fashion industry, has conquered the world, making anyone aspire to get a little bit of that punk-glam-sexy attitude. Her collections are available in 22 countries worldwide, subsequently becoming available in Australia, Europe and the United States via