Teen celebrities are usually dressed by stylists, so they dress well and very fashionable. This is why they have such a big influence over the teen fashion choices. Teenage celebrity musicians or actors have always inspired teenagers on how to dress nicely and trendy since they always wear the latest fashion trends. Here are a few of the most favorite teen fashion icons:

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato or Demetria Devonne Lovato (born in 1992) is a 17 year old American pop rock singer, actress and songwriter. She is a beautiful, talented and very well dressed singer/actress. She has a unique style, a girly rocker style. Although she adopted a rocker look, she is very feminine and her outfits are all fun and cool. Demi wears a lot of different outfits, she doesn’t stick to just pants or T-shirts.

She likes to mix different styles so she doesn’t stick to just one. She has been seen wearing simple dresses and accessorize them with eye catching jewelery and shoes. For casual wear she usually wears skinny jeans or tights with long T-shirts, sweatpants, skirts or a dress.

Demi has been seen wearing hats as an accessory. She loves accessories and knows how to use them to capture attention and upgrade her looks. She loves jackets that fit her well and wears them with jeans or dresses. She has a great fashion sense and that is why she is admired by most teenagers.

demi lovato demi lovato casual style

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a 21 year old (born in 1988) American singer and actress mostly known for her role in the High School Musical film series. Vanessa is a very beautiful singer/actress with a great fashion style. She is always seen well dressed, but ven if she is wearing a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and flip flops she looks great.

She wears different styles of outfits going from glamorous outfits to girly outfits. She usually wears jeans with cute blouses and dresses. She wears boots over her skinny jeans and high heels. Her dresses are lovely and always enhance her beauty and tanned skin. She doesn’t wear a lot of accessories, she is mostly seen wearing a bracelet or a necklace. Her hairstyle is great, she wears hair extensions and dark wavy hair. No wonder she is a fashion icon because her style is remarkable.

vanessa hudgens vanessa hudgens fashion style

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus or Destiny Hope Cyrus is a 17 year old ( born in 1992) American singer and actress better known for her role as Hannah Montana in the Disney film series Hannah Montana. She is young but she definitely has a fashion style that is age appropriate as well as trendy and stylish.

Her outfits are pop rock inspired but give her a nice fresh look. She has been seen wearing lovable glamorous dresses on the red carpet events so she knows how to dress according to the occasion. Her style is well put together, sporty but feminine. She likes to wear boots with leggings, skinny jeans and long T-shirts accessorized with large handbags and low belts which accentuate her waist.

She is often seen wearing scarves and knitted hats. She wears strapless tops, tops and tees that are ’80s inspired. She certainly knows how to dress, that is why she is considered to be a teen fashion icon.

miley cyrus miley cyrus style


Rihanna or Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a 21 year old (born in 1988) r&b singer best known for her music hits “Pon the replay” and “Umbrella”.

She has a unique fashion style that is why she is considered a fashion icon. She doesn’t just wear one type of outfits, she is very diverse and puts her own twist to create the look that she has. She is seen wearing beautiful glamorous dresses at special events and skinny jeans and latex leggings for casual wear. She always wears something that will make people turn their heads to admire her.

She likes long T-shirts and blouses, leather jackets and big purses. She wears designer clothing that are not very common and accessorizes with boots and high heels. Her fashion taste is impeccable.

rihanna Rihanna Gucci Dress