The gorgeous blondie from the super popular television series Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen has managed to become a very popular style icon and muse for many girls around the world at a fairly young age. It seems that Jenny Humphrey’s real fashion style is by far one of the most wanted fashion styles worth copycatting.

At an age when girls usually discover the benefits of fashion and try to discover their fashion style, Taylor Momsen (born in 1993) has managed to successfully develop her own unique fashion style, a well defined one worthy of admiration. With a very pop-rock, grunge chic style, Taylor manages to capture a lot of attention from her fans and fashion designers. It is quite surprising how well Taylor Momsen can play around with different fashion styles, as her gorgeous figure and facial features facilitate this greatly.

Taylor Momsen usually leans towards a more rebellious fashion style, one that suits her personality perfectly and enhances her sex appeal. A girl with an incredible sense of fashion despite her age, Taylor manages to capture all the attention. Messy hairstyles with a rebellious pop rock attire are Taylor Momsen’s most preferred fashion choices. Skinny jeans, leather jackets, leggings, boots and cute tops gorgeously combined work beautifully and enhance Taylor Momsen’s fashion style.

Because being a celebrity implies participating to certain red carpet events, Taylor Momsen must adjust her fashion style to the occasion. Beautiful dresses and gowns with a personality are among Taylor’s top formal attire choices. It seems that her gorgeous slim body can work with anything, from short to maxi dresses, Taylor looks equally beautiful in any type of dresses.

Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen

Experimenting with different styles can only come in one’s benefit and Taylor Momsen has learned and applied this rule. From preppy to grunge chic or elegant, Taylor manages to juggle with different styles beautifully.

Accessories are very important when it comes to defining and completing a fashion style and it seems that Taylor’s unique and complex fashion style doesn’t need too many accessories. She already developed a sophisticated fashion style, so she tries to keep her accessories minimal. Scarves, long necklaces and cute bracelets are the accessories most often used by Taylor to complete her outfits. Feminine, stylish and trendy, Taylor Momsen’s fashion style is without any doubt worth copycatting.

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