It is absolutely amazing how a celebrity can set a trend for hairstyles, fashion as well as make-up without even trying. Celebrities have always been a source of inspiration as they are unique in their own way, and seem to be exactly what certain people have dreamed of.

Celebrities have always cared for their image as it is the image that helps them throughout their career so paying attention to fashion, hairstyle as well as make-up have always been important. It is the style of a person that can make it shine, this is why so many celebrities have become style icons. Style icon Rihanna has been a great source of inspiration especially in the past few years. Rihanna has developed a great sense of style, it’s just like she developed into a beautiful graceful butterfly over time.

Rihanna was known as the cute good girl and suddenly she has transformed herself into a good girl gone bad, with a different , sexy and unique style that captured everyone’s attention and made people want more and more of her. This is exactly what should define a true superstar and a style icon and this is exactly what Rihanna has managed to become.

It is very difficult to develop a fashion sense that would make you unique. A basic knowledge of fashion as well as an inclination towards fashion is needed and it seems that Rihanna definitely has everything it takes.

Rihanna’s fashion style leans is sophisticated and she is often seen playing with different styles that complete her. Retro, glam rock, elegant, feminine are all part of Rihanna’s fashion style. It is the way she manages to wear and combine her outfits that make her stand out and be unique. Rihanna is not afraid to play and experiment with fashion and this is of great help. Skirts, leather pants, glam dresses, latex leggings, corsets, broad shoulder blouses and gorgeous accessories help create Rihanna’s incredible style.

Accessories are very important in completing the look of an outfit and Rihanna always used the best accessories for her look. Unique sunglasses, oversized necklaces and gorgeous stylish shoes make Rihanna worth copycatting even more. A girl who doesn’t rely on revealing skin to emphasize her style and femininity, Rihanna manages to look feminine by choosing gorgeous outfits that only aid her attractiveness.

A true muse, style icon Rihanna has managed to influence many teenagers and women in finding their own style even though it differentiates itself from the regular pattern like styles. Individuality is what contributes to our distinctive personalities and this is what should differentiate our style, as people are not all the same.

Be yourself and dress with great taste, as only this way you will be able to exude style. Style icon Rihanna is the best example to follow when it comes to versatility and style, so don’t hesitate to use her as a muse to find your own style.

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