Behind any stylish fashion magazine, there’s always somebody that prints his or her vision, onto hundreds and hundreds of pages of fashion elixir.

Former house model at Dolce & Gabbana, Giovanna Battaglia is now leader in men’s fashion as the editor of L’Uomo Vogue. In addition to this, she is a freelance stylist, appreciated all over the world for her looks, for her ideas, being idealized as one of the most stylish women on earth.

Fashion Style Giovanna Battaglia

So what’s so special about Giovanna Battaglia? Well, she has this great ability of simply playing with trends, accessories, shapes and textures in a unique way. It’s all about her easiness to mix her shoes and jackets in order to create a completely different effect.

She’s using the same dress or the same pair of trousers or turtleneck, and she always manages to look chic and comfortable in her clothes. Although she takes it all from fashion, she looks almost minimalist, wearing lots of black and grey.

Style Icon Giovanna Battaglia

Her accessories, except for a well-known and appreciated Birkin bag, are always simple, but tasteful. Her beautiful long legs are emphasized with killer high heels and often a short skirt.

From her past experience, Giovanna quickly understood the fashion industry, and she manages to apply in a very natural way both in her work over L’Uomo Vogue, and in her public life. Her chic simplicity is to be translated into a deep understanding of fashion.