Who is the one who loves punk and is not afraid to show it? Alice Dellal is. “I love ’90s grunge and punk” she said in an interview for the New York magazine, and indeed she loves, as her signature look is a partially shaved head. “I like my style. If people don’t like my hair, then they don’t have to book me” she also says – but designers do book her.

She featured the French Vogue cover in the same year she begins modeling (2003), Burberry’s fall ad campaign, British Elle, she replaces Kate Moss as the new face of Agent Provocateur. She models for Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang, MNG, she appears in Russian L’Officiel editorial, she stars in Primal Scream’s “Can’t Go Back” music video and she won’t stop here.

Alice Dellal is intriguing, natural, spontaneous and glam. Her cutting-edge personal style includes, besides her partially shaved hair, lost of leather, boots, crop tops and exposed zippers. And, besides all that, she is the heiress of Brazilian model Andrea Dellal and granddaughter of British real-estate mogul Jack Dellal.

It’s easy to say that maybe, just maybe, this girl has it all. The looks, the attitude, the life, the career and the future (in 2009, she signed with Next Models agency).

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