BBC’s Sherlock has added another feather on the consulting detective’s deerstalker cap. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the famous detective of 221 Baker Street has become a 21st century fashion icon. Get the basics of the Sherlock Style and find inspiration in Benedict Cumberbatch’s wardrobe from the first three seasons of Sherlock.

Costume designer Sarah Arthur has shared plenty of tips when it comes to Sherlock’s style. Find out which could help you get the look of Sherlock, with the modern take on iconic fashions of the consulting detective.

Sherlock’s Iconic Belstaff Coat

The most identifiable piece from BBC’s Sherlock, the detective’s Belstaff coat is unfortunately discontinued. Combining Irish wool with a microporous film for waterproofing, the coat is both ideal for cold wet weather and incredibly stilysh. Sherlock’s coat is actually unique, since each of the three coats used for filming the show have an added red buttonhole detail. 

Sherlock Belstaff Coat

Since the coat is discontinued, it might have to be reproduced or changed for future series, since the few remaining are also used in stunt work.

Sherlock’s Suits

Spencer Hart plays a very important part in Sherlock’s style. Most of the suits worn by Benedict Cumberbatch during the filming of the series have a classic style with a touch of modern fashion. If you’re looking for the same style, choose a suit with a two-button, slim-cut jacket and narrow-leg trousers.

Sherlock Suit Style

“One of the first suits I ever put on him was Spencer Hart, and he now wears them for all his premieres and things, because it just works on his shape. It’s also got a very period feel, that cut of suit, and there was a temptation to maybe put him in rounded collar shirts. It’s all about what’s right for the character and for the person that’s got to wear it. They need to feel comfortable,” costume designer Sarah Arthur explained to The Telegraph regarding Sherlock’s Style.

Sherlock’s Shirts

While playing the famous detective, Benedict Cumberbatch has worn a few Spencer Hart shirt,s but it was the Dolce and Gabbana slim fit shirt that quickly became popular.

Sherlock Shirts

“Benedict is very slim – we needed that silhouette, so that if he was sitting in the flat, I didn’t want loads of fabric bulging out. Those Dolce shirts just suited his body – I didn’t want anything too unusual or flamboyant. They were classic with a little lilac pinstripe”, Arthur said to GQ Magazine about Benedict’s and Sherlock’s style.

Sherlock’s Shoes

The original Yves Saint Laurent shoes Sherlock wore in the first season were the Eton black leather lace-up shoes. The traditional oxford with cap toe features detailed perforations, but it was replaced by the wardrobe department with cheaper alternatives during the filming. Budget versions of the YSL shoes used by the production team include similar shoes from Poste and TK Maxx.

Sherlock Oxford Shoes

Sherlock’s Watch

In keeping with the detective’s understated elegance, Sherlock’s watch was chosen from the vintage Rotary line. The Gents Vintage Stainless Steel Watch GS02424-21 seen in the series features has a stainless steel case body. 

Sherlock Watch

The watch’s elegant simplicity is perfected by a buckled black leather strap. Sherlock’s style is never flashy, so this statement piece can also be worn by any man looking for an elegant accessory that’s subtly understated.

Sherlock’s Scarves

If you’re looking for the exact scarves Sherlock wore in the first series of the show, you’re out of luck. In 2010, Sherlock wore a vintage Paul Smith navy cashmere scarf with tasseled ends. 

Sherlock Scarf

For the second season, Sherlock’s style included a Hugo Boss blue striped scarf, which is also currently unavailable for purchase.

Sherlock’s Dressing Gowns

Even at home, Sherlock’s style is always elegant. In navy, red or tartan, all of the dressing gowns worn by Sherlock Holmes are made by Derek Rose, the world’s finest sleepwear brand. 

Sherlock Dressing Gown

All of them, from the Woburn 8 navy and wine robes to the tartan BW1 Robe feature a classic shawl collar, a single breast pocket and two side pockets.