She’s managed to capture a generous amount of attention with her ‘Hot Right Now’ single and unique fashion style and now Rita Ora is revealing her favorite fashion items and style icon in an interview she gave ASOS. The magazine’s September issue displays the gorgeous singer’s iconic style captured by Tyrone Lebon’s camera lens, so check out the oh-so-sophisticated snaps and tell us what you think.

Although her road to fame has only recently begun, Rita Ora hasn’t had it easy from the beginning as according to the singer she’s struggled for years to get noticed. Maybe the fact that she can sing in addition to being absolutely gorgeous, having a unique fashion sense and having that Rihanna hotness that helped pave her way to success, but one thing is for sure, she’s got plenty of potential and she’s determined to get what she wants as her passion can be read in her eyes. According to the interview featured in the magazine, Rita Ora says that she’s as passionate about music as she is about fashion. Well, that’s no surprise as the rising star has managed to capture a generous amount of attention and plenty of praise with her unique, fresh and fabulous, vintage-vibe style. Confessing that fashion, just like music, has been an obsession of hers from an early age, Rita says that “To me, it’s like an art. I love how clothes can change the way you feel.”

And just like any other girl with a same sex sibling, Rita is guilty of raiding her sister’s closet in search for those must have pieces that you crave getting your hands on. “I always used to wear her clothes. She hated me borrowing them and would get so mad. The worst was when she had a white pair of jeans and I ruined them. I wasn’t allowed to wear her clothes at all”, the singer says. However, that was a thing in the past as we bet the roles are about to reverse as Rita is putting her fashion skills to good use, filling her closet with statement fashion pieces including leather, Rita’s new favorite fabric. The singer confesses that she’s in love with everything leather despite being summer and all, and she’s definitely got the bod and personality to rock this not-so-easy to pull off fabric.

Her ultimate fashion accessory is now the jacket that ASOS customized for her, a studded denim jacket that is all blinged-up to perfection. Rita can rock both a good girl and a bad girl look as long as it doesn’t involve wearing high heels, as the singer declared herself a trainers type of chick, confessing owning over 200 pairs of the comfy shoes. So, who does she draw inspiration from? Well, surprisingly it’s not a lady, it’s actually a man, none other than rapper turned fashion designer, Kanye West. Rita tells ASOS that:

“[Kanye] He’s one of my fashion icons. I’d love to be the female Kanye”. However, Kanye is not so easy to convince as ‘Yeah, he doesn’t believe me! But I think he’s so cool and effortless”, the singer says.

Fore more info regarding Rita Ora’s fresh and fabulous fashion style, check out her full interview and spread featured in ASOS, September 2012 issue.

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