The woman that sparked a media frenzy whenever she stepped out the door, Marilyn Monroe is still an icon more than 50 years since her passing. A simple glimpse at these rare photos of Marilyn Monroe will reveal the charisma and beauty that turned a simple woman into an envied and desired sex symbol.

Born Norma Jeane Mortensen in June 1st, 1926 Marilyn Monroe began her fascination with movie stars from a young age, when her guardian took her to movies and allowed her to play with makeup and curl her hair. The hard life she endured seemed to have driven the young Norma Jean to show off her sexuality, first in the modeling industry and then on screen when she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe to have a not so common resonance.A look at these rare photos of Marilyn Monroe will reveal the beauty of the woman that made curves sexy, blonde hair and red lips iconic.

Marilyn Monroe Brown Hair

Marilyn Monroe at the age of 23, presenting Photoplay Magazine’s ‘Dream House’ contest winner Virginia McAllister with a key to her new home in Warrenburg, New York, in June 1949.

Marilyn Monroe How To Marry A Millionaire

Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart and a very glamorous Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’. Apparently, Mr. Bogart was taking a glimpse at Marilyn’s decolletage while she was laughing and smiling for the camera.

Marilyn Monroe Long Hair

For that period, Marilyn was quite bold with her fashion options. This 1950s photo of Marilyn shows the actress posing in a side tie skirt and halter top. Her hair can be seen much longer and darker compared to her iconic medium curled platinum blonde ‘do.

Marilyn Monroe Posing

A gorgeous Marilyn smiling while laying on the grass posing for the camera in Palm Springs. The actress displays a gorgeous disheveled medium curled ‘do, perfectly contoured lips and subtle eye makeup.

Marilyn Monroe Smoking

Promoting the ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’ movie at the Savoy Hotel in London, Marilyn Monroe wore a lovely LBD matched with white gloves that gave her a very glamorous and elegant allure.

Marilyn Monroe Style

For another press conference done at the Savoy Hotel, London, 17th July 1956 Marilyn and her co-star in the film ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’, Laurence Olivier, dressed up in perfectly polished suits. The actress features no cleavage, but still the men in the back seem mesmerized by her presence.

Marilyn Monroe With Husband Arthur Miller

Marilyn Monroe looked happy while taking a stroll through a garden in England with her husband, playwright Arthur Miller, during her promotional tour for the film ‘The Prince And The Showgirl’.

Marilyn Monroe Korea Troopers

US troopers looking enthusiastic to see and take pictures of/with Marilyn Monroe, while stationed in Korea. The actress wore pants, a shirt and a loose jacket, but sported her usual glam hair and makeup.

Marilyn Monroe In Her Backyard

Marilyn Monroe posing for Baron in the garden of her Palm Springs home in 1954. The picture shows a youthful, serene Marilyn featuring pretty polished red nails and red lips.

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Marilyn Monroe Korea Tour

During her Korea tour, Marilyn visited the army base. She can be seen walking with an officer while sporting masculine-inspired clothes. During her stay Marilyn served food for the troopers, visited the infirmary and also performed for the men who gathered by the thousands to see her. At that time, the actress stated that:

“I couldn’t believe it. There were thousands of them screaming for me. I was scared, but I’d do it again.”

Marilyn Monroe After PerformanceMarilyn Monroe And BennyMarilyn Monroe 1954Marilyn Monroe DressMarilyn Monroe LeotardMarilyn Monroe LbdMarilyn Monroe SmileMarilyn Monroe PlaysuitMarilyn Monroe Stripe DressMarilyn Monroe Performing For TroopersMarilyn Monroe With Husband ArthurMarilyn Monroe Swimwear

Photos: Getty Images, gambatrucchi