The public can be more than glad that a similar versatile stage personality as Pixie Lott shares her style tips and tricks and more, designs a whole capsule of the most stylish outfits designed for real fashionistas. The cool dresses inspired by Bohemian or Rock chick looks as well as enhanced with her radiating charisma all will be available for the style-conscious public in its utmost beauty and class.

Those who are eager to take a glimpse at the Pixie Lott’s autumn 2010 collection for Lipsy should take a closer look at this brief insight that presents some of the most impressive pieces and designs of the star collection. Make sure you sport some of the most creative and inspiring dresses and jackets envisioned by Pixie with love and loads of imagination.

Pixie Lott is one of the most acclaimed and at the same time venerated musicians of our times. Besides her silky soft voice she also managed ton get entrance into the magical realm of fashion by designing her own line of outfits promoted by Lipsy. Those who are eager to sport some of the stylish bustier dresses as well as chiffon and pleated designs should take a peek at the cool tailoring as well as fabric use and embellishments that decorate the classy and creative outfit elements. These prom- and cocktail party-worthy outfits would make you feel and look confident. Play up the best assets of your silhouette and follow to footsteps of Pixie who is eager to fuel you with inspiration to wear these dresses with personality and a sophisticated style sense.

Rock chic tendencies are no strange things for Pixie either. She knows how to embed studs and chains into a refined and high class outfit be it of street chic or formal wear. The stylish dresses are embellished with these rugged details still pulling off a feminine and sensuous look.

Lace details as well as the stylish dress-socks pairing would do miracles with your figure as well as overall appearance. Pair your stylish dress with additional accessories as the fab stockings, headwear and also jewelry. Pixie knows how to keep her apparel neat and still mysteriously alluring. Black is the real deal when it comes of class as well as special events. Indeed you can’t go wrong with lace and leather details when it comes of unique outfits.

You’ll find here also fabulous Boho chic looks in the form of stylish mock dresses as well as flirty and ruffled designs. These all contribute to the building up of an A-list look especially if you are an incurable fan of this alternative style trend. Share the pleasure of sporting these loose and breezy dresses, Pixie also finds extremely comfy and chic.

The embroidered details as well as the stylish boots and knee-high socks paired with the classy look would help you achieve the desired laid-back still faddish appearance. Whether you prepare for a casual event or would like to impress your date with a flirty outfit, make sure you have at least one of these heavenly dresses in your wardrobe.

Outerwear pieces are also included in the Pixie’s range for Lipsy. The cool fur coats, stylish leather jacket with the oh-so-chic studs and fringes all would be your best friends when it comes of keeping you warm for the winter as well as rainy days. Draw some inspiration from the looks presented here and envision your own unique look with additional accessories and basic clothing items. Fur and leather are indeed the must have fabrics for this season, therefore Pixie intuited perfectly what you’ll need to perk up your wardrobe with the latest trends.

The Pixie Lott for Lipsy clothing range has already hit the stores and it can be found also in the Lipsy online shop!