Helena Christensen is a supermodel from Denmark who can be easily recognized as she was the model who starred in the well known music video for Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”. This bomb shell super beauty has the eyes of an angel and the body of a diva so no wonder she became a well known supermodel. A true American beauty, Cindy Crawford managed to become a sex symbol and an inspiration for many women. Her natural beauty, style and above the lip beauty mark made Cindy one of the most famous supermodels of all times. <br /> Naomi is probably one of the most famous supermodels of all times as her beauty and gorgeous body are seemingly without a match. Even though near 40 years old, she still manages to make a sensation on the catwalk. Linda Evangelista is one of the supermodels of the 90's which will be remembered due to her beauty and gorgeous body. Linda Evangelista can also be recognized as being one of the supermodels starring in George Michael ‘ class=’slide picture’ /> This German supermodel has managed to show the world that her beauty is difficult to top. Her gorgeous body, super hot blonde tresses and amazing blue eyes made Claudia Schiffer a world renowned supermodel.Vogue UK 2009Kate Moss is an English supermodel which managed to make herself world renowned due to her natural beauty and gorgeous slim figure. A model who still manages to make her presence felt on the catwalks, Kate Moss is indeed a supermodel.