It seems that 2010 will be a highly profitable year for many celebrities from the music and acting industry, especially for those who participated in many projects related to the fashion and beauty industry. After being recognized as a powerful fashion icon for many years it seems that the beautiful singer decided to launch a clothes range called Miley and Max for George at Asda.

Her British fans were definitely ecstatic about her initiative especially since she went at Derby herself to greet her fans and to give autographs. Although the collection for which Miley teamed up with the well known Max Ariza was already released in US, her British fans had to wait a little longer to benefit from the latest creations inspired by Miley.

However the delay doesn’t seem to have affected the desire of her fans and in certain ways it appears it was even intensified by the anticipation. Unsurprisingly, the location was soon filled with hundreds of devoted fans for who wanted to meet the their idol in person. However from the thousand of fans that gathered to see her only some of them managed to see her.

Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda

Like Miley Cyrus’s PR declared: “The response has been overwhelming – everybody loves Miley. There’s probably about five or six hundred people here today but thousands and thousands of people actually wanted to come in and see Miley and see the new range that she’s been doing with George but unfortunately she just couldn’t see everyone.”

The teen idol managed to put the sadness caused by her parents divorce aside for a moment and she managed to smile and give hundreds of autographs to the fans that have come from all parts of the UK to see her. For the occasion she managed to look gorgeous as usual and chose a classic combination of black and white that complimented her tanned skin superbly.

The collection, which includes various shirts, tops, t-shops as well as jeans comes at surprisingly affordable price ranges which means that these items will soon be sold out as the demand is undoubtedly very high. All the pieces in the collection are extremely versatile in the sense they can be easily mixed and matched in various different styles.

Miley Cyrus Fashion Line for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Line for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda Miley Cyrus Fashion Range for Asda

To purchase the items shown and many other stylish ones inspired by the well known fashion icon visit Price range £3-£14.