It seems that Mariah Carey will design her own shoes, fragrance and accessory line for HSN and this before her baby is due. Mariah seems to become even more active now that her pregnancy is confirmed as she is expanding her talent into design as well. Mariah Carey designs for HSN will be available on HSN on November 29.

Mariah’s lifestyle collection will feature fragrance, jewelry and shoes, which we all know Mariah loves. All these fashion items are a must when it comes to a woman so their importance should most definitely not be overlooked. It seems that Mariah’s designs for HSN will be for everyone’s budget as the prices vary widely. This will enable you to find an item for your budget and look uberly-stylish.

Mariah Carey seems to have learned to love jewelry with time as she stated “I never even used to wear jewelry. I used to wear baby earrings, tiny things.”

Mariah Carey Design Shoes

Being creative has always appealed to Mariah so when she was presented the opportunity to collaborate with HSN and design her own shoes, fragrance and accessories line she was very excited. Mariah is not the only celebrity who seems to coquette with fashion and design, a variety of other celebrities have launched their own fashion line. Mariah is not strange to launching her own fragrance, as she collaborated with Elizabeth Arden in the past to create her M by Mariah Carey perfume. However now Mariah has decided to expand her creativity and pass borders she has never passed before, the borders of shoe and jewelry design.

The best thing about the collection is that it will be affordable so everyone will be able to purchase one fashion item which will have Mariah’s style “written” all over. One will be able to see butterfly earrings, fur-trimmed suede boots, initial letter pendants as well as a swarovski encrusted perfume bottle among others. The shoes will most probably feature mostly high heel designs as Mariah loves high heel shoes and feel most comfortable wearing them. The shoes will be priced from $69.90 to $199.90 while the prices for her jewelry designs will range from $39.99 to $199.95.

It seems that Mariah sees this collaboration with HSN as a long term collaboration so she will most definitely not stop here. We can’t wait to take a peek at the entire line so we can observe best Mariah creativity as well as style!

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