It seems that the diva who’s “Material Girl” song circled the world back in the ’80s and became a huge hit helping with her increasing popularity, still manages to demonstrate her talent. The name “material girl” became a nickname for Madonna so when it came to develop her own fashion collection along with her daughter Lourdes also known as Lola, the name “Material Girl” just seemed to follow.

It seems that talent and fashion style of Madonna has been inherited by her daughter Lola. This has lead to their collaboration and the birth of Madonna’s Material Girl clothing collection. This fashion collection has been a pleasant surprise for everyone as the style suits girls who exude confidence and who want to underline their uniqueness.

Because the name “Material Girl” is a powerful name, a name with a meaning, a confident and stylish model was necessary to be the “face” of this collection. So after looking at a variety of stylish celebrities, the search pointed towards Taylor Momsen as she is a confident girl who exudes style on and off the set. Taylor has a very unique fashion style, a style witch matches perfectly with the style of this amazing fashion collection so she is “the Material Girl” of the collection.

Taylor Momsen’s fashion style leans towards glam-rock, look which can be found in the new Material Girl collection, so girls who are into being feminine, being fashionable and unique can definitely find the Material Girl fashion collection perfect.

Once you take a peek at the collection you will experience a throwback in the past, back to the ’80s as this seems to be the source of inspiration for the collection. The ’80s were all about being unique and rebellious and this helped the ’80s become a top fashion period which constantly inspire fashion designers. Lace skirts, leather jackets, rocker chic boots, bandeau bras, denim shorts, shirts, corsets, ruffled skirts, tight fitting short dresses, jeans and tank tops are the dominant fashion items found in the collection and they all look amazing.

These outfits were created to exude attitude through a very laid back style so mix and match different stylish fashion items to create a look which best suits you. Mix and match different stylish outfits and you will definitely become a source of inspiration for others as the “material girl” look, will never go by unnoticed. Shop this fabulous collection exclusively in Macy’s stores and show-off your fabulous fashion style – prices range from $5.99-78.00!

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