Nominated for three Emmys for her work on “Mad Men”, costume designer Janie Bryant has managed to create a true cultural phenomenon. While the show has had a huge impact on men’s fashion, it also created some gorgeous look for its female characters.

Discover some of “Mad Men”’s best looks, from dresses created for Betty, Joan and Megan, to a few more unusual choices for Peggy and Sally. See some of the iconic looks that make up “Mad Men”’s best fashion moments.

Joan’s Red Dress

During her transition from office manager to partner, Joan Holloway’s wardrobe had plenty of gorgeous looks, but few can compare to her red dress, accessorized with a dangling gold pen. 

Joan Harris Red Dress

Bryant always selected clothes that create a perfect hourglass silhouette for the character played by Christina Hendricks, and the red dress is a fine example.

Betty’s Rome Dress

Mad Men Betty Rome Dress

While Betty first impressed audiences with her perfect housewife wardrobe, viewers got the first glimpse of her glamorous modeling days in season 3, when Don and Betty went to Italy. The sophisticated black dress, along with Betty’s updo and her matching jewelry came together to create one of “Mad Men”’s best looks.

Megan’s T-Shirt

Mad Men Megan T Shirt

The piece of clothing that launched rabid fan speculation about Megan’s ultimate fate was not common in the 1960s. The white tee was inspired by the one Sharon Tate wore in a racy 1967 Esquire magazine photo shoot. Even though the creator and showrunner of “Mad Men” confirmed more than once that Megan wouldn’t be murdered by Charles Manson, fans still considered this iconic look a clue.

Joan’s Accordion Performance Dress

Mad Men Joan Accordion Dress

Floral motifs were always thematically relevant to Joan Holloway’s state of mind, according to Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style. When she falls in love, they’re fun and bright, when she separates from her husband, they’re in autumnal shades. This dress is one of “Mad Men”’s best looks because it perfectly captures the transition. Forced to entertain her husband’s colleagues by playing the accordion, Jane’s marital troubles come through in the choice of red roses over a black background.

Betty’s Rose Dress

Mad Men Betty Rose Dress

Out of Betty’s many beautiful dresses, the floral number she wore in season 4 perfectly captures her elegant style. Moving on from her marriage to Don and preparing to marry Henry was a big transition for Betty, yet she pulls it off with one of her best style moments, complete with Grace Kelly inspired hair.

Megan’s Metallic Dress

Mad Men Megan Metallic Dress

The most fashion forward character of the series, Megan transitions from chic office looks to glamorous dresses once she becomes Don Draper’s wife. Her pink metallic dress is one of “Mad Men”’s best looks, and it perfectly captures the psychedelic vibe that influenced the fashion of the late ‘60s.

Peggy’s Pantsuit

Mad Men Peggy Pantsuit

One could easily call Peggy the worst dressed character on “Mad Men”, since she doesn’t have the confidence or style knowledge to choose a look that’s both flattering and glamorous. However, her pantsuit marked a big change for Peggy, who was moving up the corporate ladder. The combination of the vest and pants shows a strong woman, who cares about her image even if she’s not into fashion, and Elizabeth Moss wore it like a pro.

Betty’s Audition Dress

Mad Men Betty Audition Dress

Definitely one of “Mad Men”’s best looks, the dress Betty wears for her “return to modeling” audition in season 1 is a true Technicolor dream. January Jones admitted to E! that it’s her favorite outfit as Betty, and it’s not hard to see why.

Megan’s Zou Bisou Bisou Dress

Mad Men Megan Zou Bisou Bisou Dress

It’s a perfect little black dress, and definitely one of Megan’s best fashion moments on “Mad Men”. The dress worn by Jessica Paré’s character was a defining moment for Megan, and her sultry performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou” for Don’s birthday is one of the most iconic moments of the show.

Sally’s Go-Go Boots

Mad Men Sally Go Go Boots

A big part of one of “Mad Men”’s best looks, the go-go boots worn by Sally as she started to transition from a child to a preteen were an instant hit. “I actually got to keep a pair. Not the pair, but a pair that we tried on,” Kiernan Shipka told Vanity Fair.