Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller shows off her wardrobe for The Coveteur. The young fashion blogger has already designed clothing and jewelry lines, guest-starred on E! Fashion Police and has a book in the works. “I am pretty anal about keeping everything in this part of my closet color coded. It makes fishing easier and speaks volumes to my monochromatic way o’living,” she reveals.

Speaking about the animal printed coat in her closet, Leandra confesses that, “This is a genuine leopard fur coat that belonged to my great grandmother. She just recently passed away, God bless her. And her wardrobe. The little Amish slice of heaven underneath is a super 70’s Tory Burch dress that I wore for a mother’s day campaign that ran on their site a couple of weeks ago.”

As on the beautiful red gown, she says that, “I scored [this gown] at a sample sale for $600! It was slashed down from $5,000. There’s only one runway sample, it never went into production and happens to be the actual dress Serena wore on an episode of Gossip Girl a few seasons ago. If you think this is good, you should see what my mama scored. I’m talking white fur cape.”

 Leandra Medine  Leandra Medine

When it comes to shoes, Leandra told The Coveteur that, “I consider myself more a shoe collector than wearer. I’ve spent close to every dollar I’ve ever made on shoes. My mom once told me to always invest in shoes and handbags and that I could improvise the rest with meagre means. I bet now she regrets giving me that advice. Funny how much a girl will spend on accessories that are meant to drag across dirty sidewalks.”

Talking about the Yves Saint Laurent ring, the renowned blogger explains that, “Ah, the official blogger ring. I bought my arty oval when I was abroad in Paris last fall. Before I was a blogger. One time, at a Passion Pit concert I smacked myself in the face with it. This is also the framed page from my Lucky Magazine spread. Don’t I look like the Mediterranean version of Ellen DeGeneres? Got to love a crisp white suit.”

Leandra also reveals she was an intern at Valentino. “I was an intern at Valentino for three years. One time, I had to sharpen 500 pencils. That may not sound like a lot but it took three days, sh*t tons of finger blisters and white dresses ruined by led. In the final stretch, after having been moved by various employees because the sharperner noise was so irritating, I was sitting on the closet floor, sharpening away when my boss flipped her lid on me. The gowns were grazing against some pencil shavings. The horror! The horror!” Anyway, this bag was gifted after I worked with them and ELLE on an accessories story. Be nice to your interns, people. You never know when you might need them again,” she continued.

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Photos courtesy of The Coveteur