Borrowing a piece of a celebrity’s style is certainly not a far fetched thought nowadays when more and more celebrities are designing their own fashion lines at affordable prices as a way to get closer to their fan base. The association between Lauren Conrad and Kohl’s is far from being a novelty, yet the interest for this fruitful collaboration is still going strong.

The star’s fall 2011 Kohl’s line features several designs with a strong feminine touch in a fairly modern approach in terms of combining. Dresses and flirty skirts are an important part of the collection and the styles are eye-catching and versatile. The star aims to bring back the pleated skirt trend and the classy combos clearly show the great versatility and style potential they present. Vintage vibes, sexy yet classy touches and a slightly playful attitude are just some of the attributes that make these feminine outfits so irresistible.

Polka dots, ombre color effects or floral prints are some of the details that attract immediate attention and create fabulous focal points. With accessories being kept mostly functional, the viewer is seduced by the apparent simplicity of the outfits which have an undeniable innocent touch attached to them. Loafer platform pumps or sexy wedges manage to complete the outfits perfectly, giving them an elegant, yet functional touch.

In the area of casual outfits, the lookbook presents simple, intuitive alternatives, placing a high emphasis on proportions and carefully selecting the main points of interest of the outfits. Faux leather shorts, loose fitting blouses and dark wash jeans are some of the versatile pieces that can be combined in a multitude of ways for spectacular style results. Although printed pieces are an important part of the lookbook, the contrasts created through texture rather than color are the ones that stand out the most.

Versatility is also reflected in the jewelry designs. The color palette hardly steps out of the ordinary, yet the motifs used never fail to attract attention and add a more sophisticated touch to a rather simple outfit. The romantic touches are also extremely hard to miss. As for shoes, trendiness, comfort, elegance and functionality are the buzzwords in this department and the clever designs pretty much speak for themselves.

If the latest project of the star has caught your attention, you should know that every piece is in the under $100 price range and that the collection will hit the stores in September, just in time for the first style updates for the new season. Update your wardrobe and highlight your girly side with these alluring pieces inspired by the former reality show star.

Photo courtesy of Kohl’s