Lady Gaga is definitely one of the most popular celebrities of the moment, as it seems she is unique and extravagant in everything she does surrounding her music career. Lady Gaga seems to shock people with her fashion choices, but for most people Gaga has become a style icon, a woman who loves to underline her uniqueness and who wants to make a statement with her outrageous outfits.

Fashion can help underline a person’s personality in the most amazing manner and it seems that Lady Gaga is taking advantage to the max of the benefits fashion can bring. A variety of fashion designers have created outrageous outfits for Lady Gaga and not only, the most appreciated by Gaga being the late Alexander McQueen a true fashion guru.

Because Lady Gaga seems to always surprise even when one would thing that there is nothing else she can find to shock, we have put together some of Lady Gaga’s most outrageous outfits as they are truly unique and extravagant, some might even consider the unwearable:

Lady Gaga’s 2010 MTV VMA’s outfits shocked again as she chose to display different outfits one of which captured a great amount of attention – Lady Gaga’s meat dress shocked everyone. The shoes and the dress were simply outrageous and made a pretty realistic imitation of a hunk of meat . Another weird choice made by Gaga but at the British Awards in 2010 was a white trench-dress which looked YES, awkward.

Other outrageous outfits were displayed by Gaga at the 2009 VMA’s where she wore three dresses which looked extremely awkward. One had futuristic-glam written all over but the other two were just plain weird. A red blood red lace dress which covered her face and a black feathery dress which also featured an interesting, never-seen-before style dress.

Lady Gaga loves to be different and we love her courage to wear some of the most incredible, seemingly unwearable outfits and shoes! Other outrageous choices are represented by a hair dress, futuristic glitter outfit, lace outfits which cover the facial area.

Gaga’s strange outfit choices is not a thing of the moment it seems that she has chosen a different, unique style since the beginning of her musical career and this has lead to her increasing popularity today.

Something which is different will always stand out and attract attention in a positive or negative way, depending on each person as we are all different and have different tastes and opinions. It seems that Lady Gaga’s outfit choices are loved by some and disapproved by other, but what do you think? Is Gaga unique and inspirational or just plain outrageous and batshit crazy?!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos