What happens when two of the most fashionable people join style forces? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West proved in 2013 that their combined fashion sense can create flawless looks. Discover the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013!

From showing off her engagement ring or her post-pregnancy body, Kim Kardashian has made plenty of headlines this year, and Kanye has been by her side for many of them. 

Get inspired by Kimye style with some of the best fashion looks of Kanye and Kim in the past year.

Kim and Kanye Rock Pantsuits Together

Kimye Matching Pant Suits

Dealing with a baby bump was easy for uber-stylish Kim Kardashian and she even proved that you can wear matching outfits while you’re pregnant. The Paris Fashion Week was one of the the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013, with Kanye in his signature white style and Kim in a slimming black pantsuit.

Kanye and Kim at the Met Gala

Kimye At The Met Ball 2013

One of the most famous Kimye style moments this year was at the Met Ball. Kim and Kanye both wore Givenchy, but only one of them made it to the best dressed list. Vogue Magazine hated Kim’s floral gown so much that it was cropped out of their picture of Kanye, who was featured as one of the best dressed celebrities at the event and created one of the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013.

Kim Kardashian’s Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian Blood Facial

The most outrageous Kim Kardashian beauty moment of the past year was her blood facial. Kim instagrammed a pic of her face covered in her own blood and shocked her fans. The treatment entails drawing blood from the arm and splattering it on your face with tiny needles.

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde with a Full Make-Over

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde

After the birth of baby North West, the new mommy’s make-over became one of biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013. Kim has tried lighter colors in her hair before, but the make-over was never this impressive and simply beautiful. Leaving her roots intact, Kim’s new hairstyle showed off her inner blonde siren.

Kim Tries an All Nude Look

Kimye Paris Style

Often praised for her fashion risks, Kim has taken her style to a whole new level with the help of Kanye. After her make-over, the Kardashian showed the world that you can pull off an all nude look. With a sexy dress, nude sandals and a nude coat, Kim shined and Kanye’s outfit perfectly complimented her. Wearing nude shoes and a white shirt and pants, Kanye added a touch of flair to his look with a blue coat.

Kim Kardashian Debuts Engagement Ring

Kimye Engagement Ring

Because Kanye’s passion for fashion is just as big as Kim’s, the rapper went to 4 jewelers and looked at a lot of stones before creating an unique engagement ring for Kim. With a detail that pays homage to North West, Kanye created a stunning engagement ring of Kim and her showing it off was one of the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013.

Kim Makes the Ultimate Fashion Statement in the ‘Bound 2’ Video

Kanye West Bound 2 Video

A topless Kim Kardashian straddles Kanye West on a motorcycle in the video for his song “Bound 2”. Despite all the tabloid gossip about Kim’s family hating the video, everyone around them seemed to be supportive of Kim’s fashion statement, the first time she’s appeared topless on video since her infamous sex tape.

Kimye Bathroom Selfie

Kimye Bathroom Selfie

A bathroom selfie from Kim and Kanye before one of his concerts shouldn’t be on the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moments of 2013, but the two managed to create a timeless moment. While Kanye is sporting his “I don’t want to be here” face, Kim shows off a new sexy dress with cut-outs on the side.

Kim Celebrates the Return to her Pre-Pregnancy Body

Kim Kardashian Post Baby Body

Losing a few pounds after the birth wasn’t enough for Kim and the beauty showed off her bikini body on the cover of US Weekly. The picture drew criticism because of the tagline “My Body Is Back!”, but Kim looked lovely in a white bikini while she declared that she still has 10 pounds to lose.

Matching Outfits for Kimye

Kimye Matching Coats

Possibly the biggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fashion moment of 2013 was created by Kanye and Kim’s matching outfits on a night out in New York. Wearing ripped jeans, white tops and long coats, Kimye impressed the paparazzi with their cool and relaxed look.