While many women are part of a backlash against “sexy profession” Halloween costumes, Kim Kardashian always took her outfits to the extreme on Halloween. The reality TV star skipped the 2013 Halloween party circuit because she was busy with North West, she’s bound to come back this year with some crazy new costumes.

Check out some of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes, from superheroes and villains to big cats. No matter what idea you throw at her, Kim always knows how to crank the sexy up to 110%.

Princess Jasmine

One of Kim’s most revealing Halloween costumes, her Princess Jasmine look worn in 2009 has all the basics of a Kardashian Halloween costume. 

Kim Kardashian Jasmine Halloween Costume

Her breasts are shoved together for maximum cleavage and her pants barely amount to more than a bikini bottom with a little sheer fabric. October may be warm in Los Angeles, but few women would go out on Halloween with this look.


Kim Kardashian Cat Woman Halloween Costume

Proving that you don’t have to show skin to bring out the sexy, Catwoman is also among the list of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes. While the skintight suit leaves nothing to the imagination, Kim did have a good reason for going as Carwoman at the 2012 Halloween party held at LIV nightclub at Fontainebleau Miami. It was actually part of an entire theme. Kanye West accompanied her as Batman, along with Scott Dissick as Robin, Kourtney Kardashian as Batgirl and Jonathan Cheban as The Riddler.

Little Red Riding Hood

Kim Kardashian Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume

On her quest to sexify any idea, Kim decided to attend Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Party in 2010 as Little Red Riding Hood. Since she’s no stranger to matching costumes, Kim brought along her friend Jonathan Cheban as the wolf. No matter how sultry her costume is, when it comes to originality, she couldn’t match Klum’s alien transformer superhero suit from that year.

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Sexy Cheetah

Kim Kardashian Sexy Cheetah Halloween Costume

Putting aside all pretense than her costume ideas are more than just means to show off her body, Kim tried on a sexy cheetah suit in 2010. It’s definitely one of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes, from the all over animal print to the sheer panel that showed off her breasts and abs.

Poison Ivy

Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

Proving that her 2012 costume wasn’t a fluke, and she’s actually a big fan of Batman villains, Kim Kardashian attended the 2011 Midori Green Halloween costume party at Lavo in New York City as poison Ivy. Since the original character didn’t have cleavage or wore short skirts, a few modifications had to be made so the costume fit Kim’s style.

Sexy Pirate

Kim Kardashian Sexy Pirate Halloween Costume

Definitely one of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes, her sexy pirate outfit from 2010 has little to do with undernourished and dirty buccaneers. The hat is the most piraty detail about the whole costume, since without it Kim looks more like an S&M milkmaid.


Kim Kardashian Mermaid Halloween Costume

After claiming that she didn’t want to go for a mermaid costume to fit the color scheme of the Midori Green Halloween Party in 2011, Kim attended the following year wearing just that. Kim’s idea of a mermaid suit was a green skirt, paired with a barely there top and a blond flowing wig. Kanye kind of went with it, wearing a sailor themed look.

Wonder Woman

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Going for another iconic look, Kim Kardashian used the Wonder Woman to show off all her curves and her generous cleavage in 2008. Worn at PAMA’s Halloween Masquerade at the Stone Rose in Los Angeles, it ended up as one of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes.

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Kim Kardashian Flapper Halloween Costume

Trying a more sophisticated look in 2008, Kim attended the PUR Jeans Halloween Bash held at STK and Coco De Ville in West Hollywood wearing a costume inspired by the flapper style of the 1920s. It’s probably one of the costumes she had to work least on to have her sexiness come through.

Queen of Hearts

Kim Kardashian Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costume

Proving than even a tyrant obsessed with decapitation can be sexy, the reality TV star went to another party in October 2010 as the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland”. It’s one of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes, because it was also just another excuse to show off her curves and go for too much cleavage.