Katy Perry along with a host of athletes makes fitness look and feel a lot cooler in the newest 'Adidas is All In' campaign. Watch the star in exciting new postures in the newest commercial and photoshoot.

We've seen Katy Perry cheerful, bubbly, stylish, a little eccentric perhaps but not sporty. The newest Adidas campaign and commercial changes all that presenting us the pop star in a new flattering light. If you need to renew your motivation to work out, seeing Katy in a pink suit might just give you a new perspective, especially when you'll see her amazingly toned mid-section.

Adidas enlisted her along with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, blogger Sneakerqueen, DJ Baby G, actress Li BingBing, volleyball player Wei Qiuyue, and the Staatsballet Berline ballerines for an energy filled campaign aimed to highlight the fun aspect of working out. With such finely cherry-picked team, the mission is definitely a lot easier to achieve. Still, the 'Part of Me' singer is the leading lady of the campaign, so to speak. The newest campaign is titled 'Adidas is All In' which features a 'We All Run'.

Fabulous tracksuit pants, a pink and blue jacket and an orange tee along with a blue and pink sports bra are some of the ultra chic and comfortable alternatives the brand endorses for making your hard workouts look both stylish and effective. Working hard and looking feminine are not necessarely two separate notions and the label brings more than one example to prove it more clearly. And, while the campaign enlists more stars which are recognized more for their athletic potential, the 26 year old songstress sure knows how to embrace a fit life.

With an all stars extensive campaign, the sportswear label is definitely planning to gain more media exposure and boost profits rapidly. The variety of stars included in the campaign definitely makes it interesting to watch and maybe even inspiring through its diversity. Let the newest ad campaign by Adidas help you look forward to experimenting and following through with your fitness routine.

Photo courtesy of Adidas via Mail Online