Katy Perry or Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is an American singer and song writer born in 1984. She is best known for her 2008 hit single “I Kissed a Girl”. Due to her talent, gorgeous slim figure, beautiful facial features and unique style, Katy has become a stye icon for many of her fans.

Katy Perry’s fashion style is very well defined. She adopted a very cute vintage look and it suits her very well. Her look takes you back on a journey in the past with the vintage polka dotted dresses and pin up or finger waved hairstyle. She adds a little bit of twist into her outfits by accessorizing with big bows and strong vivid colors.

Her fashion style is easily recognizable and her outfits are very well put together. She has a beautiful figure so she enhances her looks with cute, girly vintage clothing. She can be seen wearing strapless dresses that are a throwback to the 1950’s and 1960’s. The colors she likes are fruity colors and neons. She wears polka dotted skirts and pin-up girl shorts usually with retro pumps, mary janes or sandals.

Katy Perry Katy Perry Fashion Style

The accessories she wears are very fun and colored. She expresses vintage sexiness and looks very feminine in all of her outfits. She wears big bows or flowers in her hair, colored belts around her waist and anything with fruits. Katy Perry’s style is absolutely gorgeous. She looks amazing in the pin-up girl outfits, so no wonder she became a trendsetter for girls around the world.

Katy Perry Katy Perry Style

She is certainly not copycatting anyone, she has her own style which she always shows off with confidence. Being confident and finding your personal style is very important, so mix and match until you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. Follow Katy in her fashion style as guidance and you will look stunning.

Katy Perry