For the world famous supermodel Kate Moss the year 2011 seems to be a highly successful ye ar as far as her career is concerned. After recently becoming the image of the Brazilian lingerie brand Valisere the 36 year old model has just launched her final Topshop line on the 2nd of November. The famous supermodel who was accompanied by the Topshop boss Sir Philip Green as well as well as his daughter Chloe chose to wear a long lurex jumpsuit for the event.

The latest collection carries a symbolic meaning a it is represents the end of an era for Kate who designed over 14 lines for the brand. Although Topshop is also planning to release ‘Kate Iconic’, a line that will feature 10 of the most popular designs that the model created over the years, the brand has already chosen the next designer. It seems that at only 19 years old, Chloe Green is ready to take on the challenge and that she will soon be walking on Kate’s steps.

Being the last one of the series the collection is one of her best for the brand. The collection which has a powerful boho inspiration with various elements from the 60s and 70s reminding fashion critics of the Biba label. Fringes, floral elements, carefully chosen embroidery or feathers are just some of the distinctive elements of the diva’s latest line.

Those who like the cape fashion trend will be delighted to spot fashionable variations of this trend in the collection. Even those who are not fans of a dainty, elegant style might be conquered by the fashionable, snugly cardigan with fringe details.

If we take into account the fact that the prices for the items shows range from $83 to $348 and the fact that it is one of the best collection of the diva, it can be quite safe to assume that the line will be a complete success and that the items will fly off the shelves pretty quickly. Nonetheless those who have not found their style match in this line are surely eager to see the ‘Kate Iconic’ collection to be able to pick their favorite items.

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