Stunning Kate Bosworth covers the March issue of “Nylon” magazine. The 28-year-old actress, who began her career in the movie “The Horse Whisperer” back in 1998, opens up in the cover story and talks about her latest projects, her jewelry line and what career she would have chosen if she weren’t an actress.

It is well-known Kate’s fashion style and her ability to mix comfort and chic whether we are talking about casual or red carpet outfits. Moreover, she was spotted sitting front row to numerous fashion shows. Therefore, it’s no wonder she started a designer career. Kate speaks in “Nylon” about the jewelry line called “JewelMint” that she created together with her stylist, Cher Coulter.

“I wanted to make everything $30. There’s nothing in that price range, really. You can go to, like, Claire’s and get something for $5, and the next level up is over $100. This is a middle range of really cute, really fun accessories. All my friends love a bargain, whether or not they can also shop at expensive stores… Sienna Miller‘s one of my best friends and we always go bargain hunting!” she said.

The young actress has always grabbed everyone’s attention through amazing pictorials for famous fashion magazines due to her slim body, unique eyes, incredible smile and shiny, blonde locks. For “Nylon”, Kate looks very cute sporting a bohemian style with hippie-inspired outfits and romantic summer braids.

In the interview for the magazine, Kate talked about her upcoming movie “Another Happy Day” and her co-star. “I’m obsessed with Ezra Miller. He’s such a fantastic actor and I’m really honored, honestly, that we got to work together. He’s gonna be a big deal.”

If she were to reconsider her career, Kate Bosworth says she would be a psychiatrist. “I don’t think I could be anything but an actress but if I were, I’d be a psychiatrist. I think people are so interesting and I think their issues are so much a part of what make people who they are. I know I have my issues, for sure!”

Photos courtesy of Nylon