Life is truly amazing for the Kardashian sisters as they share a little bit of their own luxury lives with their fans with the help of InStyle. The Kardashians are known for their lavishing lifestyles, beauty and style, details which have made them famous, so if you wish to take a peek behind the scenes, take a look at the inside of the Kardashian sisters’ closets as they have opened the door to InStyle.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars reveal their amazing, luxurious closets, in which their super trendy designer clothes, makeup and accessories are carefully lined up, ready to be dressed to perfection.

Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets

Kim Kardashian loves her clothes and apparently her biggest concern when she bought her new house was if there is enough storage space. Apparently, the house didn’t, as Kim transformed a guest bedroom into a master walk-in closet so she could have her priced possessions sitting right there, ready to be picked out. Through her Balmain jackets and Alexander McQueen minis, you can spot a variety of amazing designer names, outfits which every girl would dream of owning.

Accessories are Kim’s weekness and she has plenty of amazing pieces to show, accessories that would make everyone jealous. Kim states that she loves ‘big and chunky pieces’ and that she is quite fortunate to own a bunch, so many that she doesn’t need to borrow jewellery for red carpet events. Kim also shares a few tips on how to keep your wardrobe looking like a luxury boutique. Kim says to “always use the same style of hangers throughout” and “hide T-shirts in a cupboard or drawer. It’s so hard to keep them nicely folded.” Kim makes sure her best pieces are always showcased and that her dresses are carefully arranged from short to long, so that there is a nice and visible transition from piece to piece, making your pick easier.

Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets

Khloe Kardashian hasn’t been shy to reveal her obsession for shoes as she proudly shows off her color coordinated racks of shoes. Louboutins seem to be Khloe’s weakness as she has close to 100 pairs of the luxury red sole shoes. She says “Louboutins are like artwork to me—my Picassos”. Apparenly, the reality TV diva has a strategy to buying shoes and one that seems to work as she’s got quite the collection. Khloe states that “when I’m buying new shoes I ask myself, ‘Would I look good wearing them naked?’”

However, the diva doesn’t neglect her clothes either and hence dresses are her thing, she has dedicated the best part of the room for them. Khloe says “I’m a connoisseur of long flowy dresses. I throw them on when I’m running around and don’t have time to think about what to wear.” This is Khloe’s personality perfect closet as she tells InStyle that “When I got married, this was the one room I didn’t try to make co-ed,. It’s very me, very Zsa Zsa (Gabor).”

Inside the Kardashian Sisters Closets

Kourtney Kardashian states that she loves ‘things with a story’, and that her most treasured fashion pieces are a turquoise Chanel bag her dad bought for her mom Kris and a pair of 1980s door-knocker earrings inherited from her grandmother. Motherhood definitely left a print on Kourtney’s fashion style as well, but don’t think that this diva is going to change her Balanciaga bag for a diaper bag, however the reality star did change her shoe requirements, saying that before she was a mom her minimum heel requirement was 5 inches, but now she made room for comfy ballet flats, leaving high heels for special occasions only.

Photos courtesy of InStyle Photographer Douglas Friedman