Ripped jeans are making a comeback in the 2009 fashion scene and it seems the celebrities are loving this trend since most of them have been spotted wearing them from Lindsay Lohan to Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham.

The ripped jeans look is a great casual look and can be worn by everybody. Designers are going crazy with their designs – see Balenciaga bellow – some even creating jeans with more rips than material.

They look good if properly accessorized and ripped with good taste. You don’t want to purchase ripped jeans that make you look like a lawn mower has just ran over your pants. Tiny rips here and there look great but huge ripped chunks look disastrous.

Ripped jeans work on every body shape because of the various styles found on the market. You can find ripped skinny jeans to ripped boyfriend jeans, depending on the look you are going for. They are easy to accessorize because they can be worn with almost everything.

You could wear ripped jeans with boots, sandals, flip flops, platforms, high heels, ballet shoes, sneakers, you name it. On top they can be matched with tank tops, T-shirts, long T-shirts, tunics, jackets, the sky is the limit.

Depending on how you are wearing them you can accessorize your look with a large bag or one that crosses over the shoulder.

Photos: JustJared