Blazers live their second revival nowadays. Fashion forward people create thrilling combos with ‘you-name-it’, chic evening dresses, skinnies and even über-shorts. The secret too look dazzling with blazers is indeed to match it with your features and other basic pieces of your outfit.

Cardigans are just as mainstream and popular outwear pieces this summer, however blazers seem to be more crowd-pleasing as we skim through the world of celebrities. It’s available on the market in several colors and sizes.

Whether you opt for the tuxedo or the traditional loose one, the trick is to push up the sleeves. This way you’ll look extremely casual and boho. Blazers are absolutely evergreen pieces of a fashion conscious person’s wardrobe.

A real ace in your hand flashed both during the breezy summer nights as well as throughout the windy fall season.

Beige OutfitBlazer Jeans Outfit

Designers challenge you to a fashion tour by providing a huge range of blazers. Single, double and triple-breasted style, designed with asymmetrical lines, ribbons made of leather, tweed, denim as well as sophisticated fabrics as velvet.

Pairing thrilling femininity with boyfriend blazers works wonderfully for an informal event. Balance the masculinity of the outfit with a radiant cocktail dress. Don’t make it too short, try to blend the two pieces into an overall stunning look. High heels are nitty-gritty accessories, cage style sandals or gladiator heels will make you the prime attraction of the night.

Blazer Pants OutfitPrinted Blazer Skorts Outfit

These girls definitely mean business when wearing blazers. Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Olsen over their dazzling cocktail dress whereas Kate with her high-waist pants.

If you want to keep it cool and casual, skinnies are actually crowning pieces. A comfy t-shirt with funny patterns and messages as well as flats or for dressing up your image, heels will soften the masculinity and defined lines of the blazer.

Coral BlazerPrinted Blazer

‘Rock and roll’ up the sleeves to flash your chic accessories. Pendants, pearls and brooches, scarves all boost the glam of your look. Combine the voguish colors and patterns of the season to suggest that you know what the real stuff is.

Shorts Blazer OutfitStripe Pant Blazer Combo

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