Fashion indeed can come ‘au naturelle’, however those who were not blessed with this gift can easily and gradually learn all the tricks that make up the mastery of this modern art. The more ambitious your are the bigger the chance is to create your own signature look which can be further copycatted by others. Making your own fashion diary is only one step towards the fulfillment of your dream. However it seems that without a more visual and spectacular inspiration you’ll deprived of lots of new style ideas that can be efficiently embedded into your personal style.

Several socialites both models, actresses and singers serves as perfect idols to follow. In order to pave your way for a trademark style it is important to take a peek of their revolutionary fashion ideas and learn how to pick your fashion muse that would represent your perception of what refined and sophisticated taste really means. Find out the guidelines that would help you find your way out of the multitude of style icons.

First and foremost it is important to know your parameters, this will help you find the perfect clothes and decide where to look for the perfect style idol. Indeed this is the first move to decide whether you’ll be able to pull off the style of certain celebrities. It is highly recommended to find a person who on a large scale resembles you. Meaning, that your hair color, skin tone and also height enter in almost the same category.

Nobody’s perfect not even celebrities, don’t look for the embodiment of the beauty ideal. You wont’ find it anyway and it is also soothing to know that not only average people struggle with certain beauty flaws. Look for natural and more attainable looks rather than the too artificial examples. Fashion can help you juggle with proportions and also create the illusion of a perfect silhouette, that’s why it is more ideal to rely on these professional tricks than to long for something that was created with ‘nips and tucks’.

Your body type can be a real aid when it comes of picking a fashion muse. This apparently tiny detail will help you in organizing your outfits. Pear, apple or hourglass shapes have certain and unique qualities that should be taken into account when choosing clothes and accessories. If the style icon you choose shares the same body type than you’ll be able to steal the basic fashion tricks and sport similar attires with overwhelming success.

Celebrities also have a personal style that can be grouped into several categories. Those who are devotees of Punk and Rock culture will wear the traditional and signature clothes that represent this movement. On the other hand those who are more of a classy and retro style fans will choose items that reflect the nostalgic atmosphere of the past decades.

If you are a real trend-trotter choose a fashion muse that is worth-admiring and following. Rise above all the public misconceptions and cliches and wear unique outfits crowned with statement accessories. Let your inspiration and intuition guide you if you long for an enviable style. Make sure you not only copycat the style of these prominent icons but will also add something that’s really ‘you’.Don’t steal tricks randomly instead establish your own fantasy of what chic means and perfect it with these professional tips and ideas.

Regardless if your are an incurable Boho or Grunge style fan or a natural born Rock chick the key to become a real style kitten and inspire others who struggled with the same style identity crisis is to dare to rise above the mass and be different. If you have this guidelines in mind while picking your fashion muse, you’ll find the one who is your real fashion twin.